When you're depressed what makes you feel better?

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    My siblings, my nephews, and my Nan cooking me something will briefly cheer me up. What say you?


    Being alone, turning off my cellphone and doing yoga or something that gets me high on endorphins and clears my mind (other than alcohol).

    Talisa V

    My little sister is always my rock. And being silly with my closest friends helps take my mind off any negative thoughts, for a little while.


    – reading/watching/listening to comedy of my preference
    – the sound of downpour of the rain
    – feeling the music i’m listening to
    – solitude (indoors/outdoors)
    – taking random personality tests
    – slept soundly and peacefully
    – when someone understands what i’m trying to say
    – finding out/discovering more about of a certain topic/interest

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    listening sad music to express my feelings


    Hanging out with my friends mainly, or watching movies in my room.


    watch a movie , read a book , dance with myself , chat with friends .
    sometimes i go to sleep and it’s much better .


    I either watch a favorite movie or put on my head phones and go for a walk or drive for an hour or so and just try to take in the beautiful parts of life around me. Then I try to spend time with close friends.


    My hometown has a board walk. It is about a mile from my house and the board walk itself is three miles long, the length of the channel connecting an inland lake from lake michigan.
    When I’m having a low day or night I will walk to the board walk and about half way down there are some old fishing piers under this tree that hangs over the board walk. It’s nice and quiet and sheltered and its hard to get to unless you know how to step so as to not bring the entire rickety thing crashing into the channel. I’ll sit there and listen to the water and the tree until my head is clear and I feel nothing. It’s really relaxing c:

    Daniel V.

    My friendly cat is the best help i can get in bad times (and good times too). He can’t talk but he surely knows what i feel and gives me all the love i need to feel better.

    And music is the best invention made by the humand kind. Something that in some moments of life is the only companion we can have. Playing videogames can also make us to temporally disconnect from all the problems of the world.


    I find listening to really cheerful music that I can sing along to usually cheers me up. And if I have the time, a Disney movie.


    driving with loud music playing, sometimes walking with music playing.
    Talking to friends.

    For a real easing or lifting of depression though I’ve got to go travelling for at least a couple of weeks.


    Feeling connected to people in some way is the only time I’m sure I won’t start over-analyzing little things to the point of depression. As long as I’m busy with other people, I feel great. I’m very introverted, so putting myself out of my own head for a while makes everything light.


    Well if I’m depressed it’s usually because no one is around me, and in that case I usually just listen to music and take a nap.


    Whenever I sink to a low point in my depression I like to become obsessed with a new thing, be it a hobby or a television show. It distracts me from having intrusive thoughts, and forces me to put all my energy into something more positive.


    whenever i am in a light period of depression, i watch a movie play videogames. when its getting more severe i listen to music which expresses my mood or feeling and often cry and shout in my pillow.
    in the worst cases (long period) i go to the dunes for a walk (i used to live nearby) and end up on the dune where one time i tried to end it and think this over and contemplate. This realltbhelps cause i take proud in havent done it and how far i came since then.


    I pray to God to help with my anxiety and depression. Then I find comfort in knowing that this life is just temporary. The thought of being reunited again with my loved ones in heavens is a very happy and inspiring possibility. But then that makes it sound like I’m looking forward to death. It’s a little depressing, isn’t it?


    p.s. — if anyone would like me to pray for them, please ask. I promise I will respond and that I will follow through on your prayer request.


    I try to cuddle my cats, walk with music on, play video games or dive into a new TV show. Sleeping helps, especially when it’s raining. My last bout of major depression was due to meds that just didn’t work, and when I swapped I started being better almost instantly. Long road to recovery, but hopefully I’ll be able to walk in the sunny side for a while.
    (@Mark: I personally am very unsure about my beliefs, but I understand the thoughtfulness of your gift, and I wanted to thank you for your generosity.)


    That’s fine. I’m very open minded, and I’m OK with knowing that we don’t all have the same beliefs.

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