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    Is it hype, or dope? Anyone here try it for themselves? Is it the next step in interactive simulation, or just a passing fad? Share your opinions on the internet!


    I really want to get one, but the more I think about it, the less fun I think it’ll be. I think it’s an awesome concept, but it’s definitely something to enjoy by one’s self, which is an issue for me. I enjoy playing video games with people and even watching people play video games. The Oculus Rift is something only one person can view and experience. I think it’ll be the best for scary video games, but I feel as though have the fun of scary video games is getting scared together with friends, or making your friends play and get scared while you sit back and enjoy.

    With all that being said, I think it’s an excellent idea and I think it’ll be popular as more detailed games get created for it. It also holds a lot of potential for being used in other fashions, such as any sort of professional simulation training or used to help people overcome fears through artificial exposure.


    I can really see this being enjoyed with exploration games. There’s one that came out recently on Steam called Gone Home that would be perfect for this sort of thing.


    The Last of Us + Oculus Rift = terrifying awesome. Whether paired with kinect or buttons on a controller, the simple ability to *look around* and hear in surround sound as if you were really ‘there’ would be such a jump forward in immersion. I can’t wait.

    I know there are tour companies looking to pair it with virtual international travel recordings as well, which could be sweet.


    Weeeell now that it’s been bought by Facebook, who knows what will happen.
    I know Mojang already dropped out. Virtual Reality Minecraft would have been awesome.


    I dunno. I don’t think VR Minecraft wouldn’t have been all that. The sight restrictions in building alone would have been maddening. (At least on PC I can watch a movie whilst I chip away inside a mountain.)

    I’m looking forward to the Skyrims and the GTAs. Plus virtual tours of foreign places.

    I’m not sure what to think about FB owning it except maybe that they have more cash in their pockets to hopefully get this thing finished some time before we all die of old age.

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