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    My libido comes and goes but when it’s here omg so annoying even though I never have ever had sex and never want sex when my libido is here, my mind is on “horny mind” and I got release/relieve myself so I do masturbate! But in addition to that one day when I was on my “horny mind” I decided to go on websites and post nudes of myself close ups, no face showing I would even post videos of me masturbating, so yah that’s what I do instead of actually having sex, I wish I would stop doing this as I don’t want do this but when I am on my “horny mind” it’s hard to fight this unwanted urge!


    Hi Sammi that makes some sense to me,I do have aspects of libido also,im sorry you have had to go through advice is for you to find an understanding asexual man whos open minded,best wishes with that.


    Jack Frost

    The problem is your asexuality puts a hole in your life. You don’t form normal relationships. Then, when you start to feel fleeting lust, for whatever reason, you need some way to quickly deal with it. You are on the computer too much, and it seems exciting at the time. Then, later you regret it, when you are no longer in the mood; and sex seems so gross again.

    I believe that asexuality is an illness. The difficulty is in finding what stressor or chemical imbalance is causing it, and how to solve it. I felt totally like plastic for years, without understanding why.

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