Is any guy here looking for a serious, committed, non-sexual relationship?

Asexualitic : Meet Asexuals Forums General discussion Is any guy here looking for a serious, committed, non-sexual relationship?

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    It is so hard to find another guy that wants a committed, long-term relationship that is asexual. As a matter of fact, most guys don’t even want a relationship, they just want a “hook up now and then” basis and then leave it at that. I just wish that there was a way that I could meet Mr. Right, to spend my time with and to be there for through thick and thin, someone to grow with in a relationship and fall in love with. I am in West Virginia and these types of men are hard to come by. Actually I am not sure that these men actually even exist in West Virginia.


    I wonder the same about Sicily…


    As is the case, usually, the men who want a committed non-sexual relationship, have been placed so far away, they may as well be on Jupiter.

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    I feels ya .. we don’t have it easy, wherever we may be in the world.

    Most fellas do change and desire a relationship over a string of hookups at some point.. so I reckon it’s just a matter of sticking at it until you eventually find someone.


    Hi Cody

    I am so sorry to hear of the trouble you are having, I am heteroromantic and have the same problem with guys. Trying to find a suitable serious and committed asexual guy in the UK is pretty non-existent so I am focusing on my career while still keeping an eye out and approaching anyone who I think there may be a genuine possibility with.

    You are welcome to try my Asexualise Dating group for asexuals who want a serious relationship with no sex ever (if you never want sex), or my Grey Asexual and Demisexual Dating Facebook group, as I tend to have a lot of guys from abroad in my groups and maybe there is one near you.

    Grey Asexual Dating And Demisexual Dating

    Asexualise Dating (No sex)


    Hi Sandra,

    I am interested in joining one of your facebook dating groups, but am not sure which one would be the best fit for me. I definitely don’t want sex, but I like cuddling and other PG as it were physical affection. So which of your groups would you recommend?

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