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    I have chatted to one person on here and he turned out to be really weird and not respectful of women. Another got in touch and said hi but never messaged back. And yet another man put in a friends request but n reading his profile one can tell he is a complete narcissistic person. I really wondering what others experience of this site has been like?


    Oh yes and some males who really want to know if you are earning a lot of money!!!! they put money before the person it is outrageous.


    Well, for my part I’m returning on this site after a while. I’ve met someone and we were in a relationship for a year. So it happens.

    Being demi, I’ve tried connecting with people IRL, but it’s way more disappointing than here. Although, maybe it changed…

    Pedro Frazao

    I never met anyone from here and most people around were never very friendly…even the ones that sent friends request.
    Good luck finding someone here….


    I plan on meeting a girl whom I met here. Nothing’s planned since I just started a new job and need to meet some financial Goals first.

    I’m sorry you all have had bad experiences meeting or connecting with people here. From the people I’ve talked to everyone’s been nothing but a delight. Although 2 of them abruptly quit talking to me, I still have one lovely lady friend still chatting with me. And that’s all I really need.


    It seems to be a zombie site to me. I got several inappropriate friend requests when I joined, before I’d posted a picture or anything about myself – some sort of bot working perhaps? I responded to a more recent request and sent a message but got no reply. The whole thing just seems to be a mechanism to extract nineteen bucks.


    yes I agree. I think that I have given up on this site now. I mean even some of the ones that seem interested turn out to be totally odd. or they cant have a proper conversation. Wonder if there is another different site somewhere.


    It’s happened again. Sent a friendly reply to a friend request, got no response. I do wonder whether there is some problem with the technical functionality of the site. Or maybe people just like to collect a long list of these supposed zombie friends.

    My policy has been to unfriend people who don’t respond, and not to accept friend requests from people who are patently unsuitable by virtue of location or age. What do other people do? Someone please advise me.

    Peridot Flare

    I look at profiles before I accept a friend request. If it looks like BS, it probably is. I tend to friend people I’ve interacted with instead of accepting random requests. That’s pretty much how I behave on any site. Bots and scammers tend to give themselves away quickly.


    @Peridot Flare Thanks for your advice! I’ll bear it in mind.


    I’m very lucky, I met my wife on this site. After years of having no luck on POF and other sites, it only took a few months before my future wife and I were texting.

    I’ll always feel a debt of gratitude for Asexualitic. My only regret is not accepting being asexual earlier, but until a few years ago I didn’t even know it was a thing. Anyway, I wish everyone luck.


    I am new here and I am a bit anxious of meeting people. I am glad people have had good experiences


    I’ve had great experiences from this site and have met some really wonderful people. I know this site is hard to use, the bots are annoying and people can be rude- but this site has truly been a godsend to me and I totally think it’s worthwhile to stick with it!


    I haven’t. I feel so many of us are introverted, especially when it comes to potentially dating. It’s scary to be the first to reach out.


    Yes, they became one of my best friends. If it wasn’t for this site, I would never have met them.

    Still looking for a relationship though.

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    Glad to hear that some people on here have met some nice people though


    Hi Sarah, yes, it’s wonderful.

    Thank you xx

    I met my other best asexual friend in my own dating group for asexuals on Facebook.


    Just had a friend request and this is just a portion of his very odd profile. I keep getting weirdos on this site!

    “Dream Girl

    Me and ”She?” No. It never happened.
    Me and platonic dream girl.
    Sometimes, I am painful,
    Me and tears.
    I’m drunk.
    I drink my tears,
    I get drunk.
    Crazy drunkenness,
    sweet dream, divine happiness.
    Platonic dream girl lives in my heart,
    Dreams come.
    She gives me happiness,
    power and peace.
    She comforts me, extends my life.
    She is life. She is the angel.”


    Sarah….that is so weird! 🙁
    I have only just come out as asexual and I have joined a few sites to try and meet someone. New and nervous about it. It sucks that there are so many weirdos out there!


    Yes it is very weird! To be fair there was a nice guy I did chat to for a while on here and then on FB but I ended up shutting my FB down for a while I did message him on here but he has not replied.could be the current situation though or not. But the amount of messages I get from very strange guys has been not good! lol. But I am sure there will be lots of nice people out there that are decent. All the best Sophie.

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