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    @Jack It seems people across the board, have interest to begin with, but lose that interest very quickly when serious questions appear. It’s not the same as making comments to a YouTube video, which doesn’t tax their brains. People can also come into a site give their name or username, a tiny bit more info, and forget to come back! That seems to be a lot of the problem. In this case, it looks as if there are more members on a site than actually are. I’ve have an interactive website, with a professional forum, which is very pretty and really fun to use. Completely FREE on registration. There is no upgrading, as memberships cover everything, so no hidden charges, no charges at all. It’s my fault nothing much is going on there right now, as I’ve been ill, and not marketed this fun place to visit. I’m not advertising it now either, but if anyone is interested in taking a peek, just contact me or leave a message. I don’t know yet if there is a Direct Messaging thing going on here or not.

    An honest website ought to remind a member they haven’t been in for a while, and ask if they are still interested. Literally, remind them the site exists. I know some sites like ‘NUMBERS’ because it looks good, like when they BUY followers in Twitter, etc., But I prefer to keep only those who are active within a month, in a visible list. I am a professional writer, and in some writing sites, if we are going to disappear or be involved in work, or ‘LIFE’ as someone said on here, then we can write a comment in general to those we have been communicating with saying we might be gone for a little while. At least that means they are appreciating the site. Others might not think that matters, but I do!

    If people do have this great, busy ‘life’ outside of the site they have joined, why are they on these sites to begin with? As for me, I do have a life, lol, but much of that is in writing and communicating, so once I have people to interact with, I can always find time to pop back and respond.

    After all, if we register, we want to communicate, so WHY do some people just disappear after that, or not bother to fill in their profile after a goodly time to think about it? Many people I find, through having my interactive site as well as seeing this in other sites, just want to have their name in print, and don’t care if others are having to waste time scrolling past them to find active writers.

    Yes, it annoys me. Best to have members come in knowing they are not wasting their time, and so a friendly online club-type atmosphere would be possible. Oh, yes, and moderation is so important, to keep it all flowing nicely. If Admin don’t respond to questions, they don’t care much about their members, and should be taking an interest in what happens in their sites. As I said before, MARKETING the site, is necessary by Admin. Keeping members happy is also needed.

    No-one wants to flog a dead horse! Or visit a dead site. (Actually, how dare anyone flog a live horse!!) Yes, I am an animal activist and fund-raiser! I am not in good health, but darn it, I find the energy when needed, and hope to meet others on here who are ACTIVE! Aware? Alive? Anyone?

    Anyone want to agree or disagree with me? Go ahead, at least we can talk about something.

    Lori C

    I can be extroverted when needed, such as at family gatherings, parties, and work. I’m definitely not shy, have an okay sense of humor, and most people like me.

    However, my preference is to be alone because I like me. Is that introversion?

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