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    Hello everyone! I thought I’d start off the forums :3 This one can be about the places you’ve enjoyed the most visiting. I personally love going to a little town in Pennsylvania called St. Peter’s Village. There’s a nice state park near it and a trail with abandoned train tracks. It’s nice to see the environment take back that portion of the land. I also love Rickett’s Glen State Park in PA. It has about 27 waterfalls and trails that let travelers go up to them. I once saw a man repelling down from one. It was epic!
    Here’s some pics of the falls:
    The last one I was actually under the falls :] So much fun.

    So what was one of the best places you’ve visited? Or the places you’ve enjoyed the most?


    Wow, beautiful! I live a couple hours from Ricketts Glen, but I still haven’t been there. I do hope to do do some climbing there in the spring, though. Abandoned train tracks? I’m getting kind of giddy just picturing that. I love abandoned anything, but I have a particular fascination with trains through wooded areas.

    My favorite place so far was the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I have tons of beautiful pictures but being the technological slacker that I am, don’t know how to upload them. I am seriously an embarrassment to my generation. But I’d rather be outside than figuring these things out!


    Sodus Bay is one of my Favorite places to visit in the summer. I like to boat over to a local restaurant for breakfast and order some L.A. cinnamon toast.

    The Bay is normally pretty quiet, which is nice. But when I really want to have some chill time, I’ll head straight out into Lake Ontario and find a secluded place in the middle, or along the shoreline to go for a swim.

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    Great places!

    I moved to Thailand four years ago to do extreme bird photography-wading in swamps, jungles, climbing mountains, traveling to islands, etc. I saw beautiful scenery also in Australia and Tasmania, but the USA has breath-taking places, too, and I lived in the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado for four years. But that was before digital cameras took off.
    Not sure how to post photos here, but I took this near where I now live, in Songkhla, Thailand, near Malaysia.
    5-7-14, I am body-surfing waves at Samila Beach, Songkhla, Thailand
    Green Bee-Eater, Lamnarai, Thailand

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