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We just got the new BBC Sherlock series 3, episode 1. I love this show and thought it had ended at Series 2. But I found out a month ago that Series 3 exists and we got episode 1 a few days ago.

I love this show, in my opinion, it is the best version of Sherlock Holmes, I like British based programmes anyway – think the writing/storylines and characters are always made of awesome. This newest episode to make it here is the best yet as well!! I have always liked Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch (I think i have a little fangirl crush on Benedict actually hehe)

I also love Criminal Minds – still waiting for the newest series to make it down here to New Zealand!!!

I’m also faithfully still watching The Simpsons – I watch most of the new episodes as soon as they are uploaded online. But anyone else think the latest series is lacking a little? Perhaps the writers are finally running out of steam? Things to write about?

Ooh I forgot to add my 3 newest interests that I have just discovered thanks to the wonder of Youtube the Inbetweeners, Bleach and Sword Art Online!!

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