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27 / Man / Single

Hello fellow asexual! I'm a 27 year old guy from Peru. I'm a INFJ-A, in case you may want to know. My motto is treating people the same way you want to be treated. Here's a couple of things I like: Traveling | Wine | Food | Animals (dogs!) | Music |...


23 / Woman / Single / Madison


28 / Man / Single / Iowa

This is my first time doing this sort of thing, so bear with me here. Umm, I'm a twenty-something year old heteroromantic asexual who's not very good at talking about himself. I’m not great at writing things and I’m not good at keeping it short when I do write, so...



I value creativity, compassion, social justice, and a sense of humour Queer, Feminist, Demiromantic, INFJ, and a member of the Hufflepuff house. I  have been told that I am a good listener and very patient. I enjoy having thoughtful chats (and occasionally raging against the system), spending time with family and friends, reading,...


32 / Single


55 / Woman / Divorced / Toronto

Having someone understand your mind is a whole different kind of intimacy. The vibration is magical. I often resonate with something random that I’ve read, heard or seen. When I’m not contemplating the meaning of life, I enjoy dining out (probably because I can’t cook to save my life), practising my...


26 / Man / Accrington

Patrick Smith

57 / Man / Single / Rochester


24 / Woman / Single / Portland

I'm a fairly introverted person who adores friends like they're family and tends to spend a lot of time indoors reading, writing or being on the internet. I'm a happily self-pronounced geek with a love for most nerdy obsessions, books, films, etc. Seriously, let's nerd out and I'll be happy. Otherwise...


29 / Woman / Single / Melbourne

29, "she/her", heteroromantic questioning asexual seeking ace friends. Enjoys nature walks, paddle boarding, singing, reading, and I'll even admit it - ASMR videos (shock horror). Instagram @kathedayvis


35 / Man / Single / Sydney

Bleary-eyed linguistics/papyrology post-grad vainly pursuing academic dream. Introverted, though generally open up after getting to know someone well enough - seem to be hampered by the esoteric (i.e. boring) nature of my interests. Just need some prodding, I guess. Also have a few tattoos, but hopefully they don't bother anyone...


64 / Man / Single

I seek loving loyal respectful companionship with a woman, sharing intellectual, cultural, music (I'm a percussionist), traveling, and related pursuits. Age/generation and race/ethnicity are unimportant and needless barriers; compatibility, trust, and openness to confide in one another are important and essential. I'm still rather youthful even at this stage in...


37 / Woman / Single / Sioux Falls


42 / Man / Single / Doncaster

Podcaster and Singer Tiktok @lawleyloves2entertainyou


27 / Woman / Prefer not to say / Coimbra


25 / Man / Single / Sofia


26 / Woman / Brighton

I'm a maths graduate that works in software. I am naturally quiet, but I am adventurous and willing to try new experiences. I love to learn and my passion is maths, but I also like to listen to/play music and keep fit. I enjoy playing games, painting, ice skating and...


25 / Woman / Single / Capital federal

23 y/o, I'm biromantic, interior design and writing novels are my passions. I love dogs and the color pink, reading and going out, but also would be a hundred percent fine with chilling inside watching a movie or dancing by ourselves. I'm kind of a romantic? But my number one...


23 / Man / Single / Gateshead

Describing myself is weird. I'm Paul, an introverted guy, a bit of a nerd,  INFP if that helps. I love stories. Silences are usually filled for me by one audiobook or another, and I spend a lot of my evenings planning and playing D&D with both a group of great friends...


24 / Man / Single / Kraków

Hey my name is Michael im 24 years old im live near Cracow, and that sound like im just finished kindergarten.

Anyway I’m probably asexual eventually demisexual, im finally taking steps to meet someone like me during the pandemic, I don’t often use...

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