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25 / Woman / Single / Bangalore


33 / Man / Prefer not to say / Basingstoke

Like most, I'm not good at writing this but I'll give it a shot. I am a heteroromantic and looking for friendship or relationship. By profession I am a programmer. I enjoy doing random things and like to learn new things, no matter what. I like watching sports. I love...


24 / Woman / Single

Giving this a try... I’m an IT specialist who is a huge nerd. I love obsessing over tv shows and dc comics. I spend way too much time on tumblr laughing at memes. Love relaxing watching tv & playing games while hanging out with my cats. I’m also obsessed with collecting...


38 / Man / Single / Devon


33 / Woman

Shannon McCauley

21 / Woman / Single


31 / Man / Single / Delhi

Rao India

35 / Man / Single / Toronto


25 / Man / Single / Indianapolis


25 / Woman / Single / Plymouth

//sorry i haven't been active, uum i found an awesome boyfriend here so haha yeah i haven't needed to be active whoops// I try to see beauty in everything around me, even when at this point, life seems to be just beginning. I am a first year college student majoring in...


51 / Woman / Divorced / Indianapolis


26 / Woman / Married / Indianapolis

Hi all! Happily married, happily poly, happily new to ace! I'm looking for something long term. My husband knows I'm on here and is very supportive. About Me: Cat MomWorking full time Lover of video games, board games, true crime podcasts, cooking, baking, and reading On Kik under .LilMissPumpkin. (with the periods) or Discord under...


20 / Man / Single / bangalore

Bangalore Escorts services

I respect myself, my decision and a man I am going to be with, will be my choice till the rest of my life. I am looking for a man who is ready to settle down and ready...


27 / Man / Single / London

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am an ailurophile, in other words, I am crazy about cats! I'm 100% childfree, I just want furbabies that go meow! <3 I am autistic and I have cerebral palsy. I'm easy-going, kind, caring, loving, affectionate and romantic.   I love baking...


53 / Woman / Separated / Indian Harbour Beach, FL

I'm a heteroromantic ace and bohemian in nature. I guess the latter comes with being born and raised near San Francisco.  I believe in karma, live in the moment, and appreciate the life I have.  I try not to take life seriously unless absolutely necessary, so I'm often laughing, joking...


25 / Man / Single / Belluno

I think to be a simple person, with a little aesthete mania. I like drawing and reading (Stephen King is my hero). I love music, from reggae/dancehall to goa and tekno, which I prefer, but sometimes I enjoy to hear pop, rock, blues, skate punk, rap and 80's pop music,...

Diya Dutta

21 / Woman / Single


36 / Woman / Single / Zürich

Hello there! Let me toss a few things about myself your way: Introvert and rather chill Fandom-Dragon Artist for Fun Loving books books books! Also FanFics Holding a PhD in Science (call me Dr., maybe?) Working in nature conservation Some of the things that i like: Myst I – IV, BotW, FMA, Gargoyles, Sky Doll, Blacksad, Giant...


55 / Man / Single / Sprngville, PA

In early 2012 I took up yoga and it is very effective. I recommend it to anyone/everyone. An unexpected corollary: I find myself delving into esoteric matters that confront mankind and what the future holds for us. Although I do not hate sex or shun thoughts of having sex, I am...


47 / Woman / Single / Indianapolis


26 / Man / Single / Enschede

I am Sriganesh, from India, studying in Enschede, Netherlands. I always knew that I am into guys, but just discovering myself as homoromantic . Even though I have been with guys, i never quite enjoyed it, for me sex is not the most important thing in a relationship,  I rather...

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