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27 / Man / Single / Wandsworth

If you commute on the Tube you may have heard me tell you to mind the gap. When I'm not UndergrounD I like to collect maps and play Scrabble, or if it's the weekend, spend the evening binging Spotify with a jack & coke.


35 / Man / Single / Guadalajara

¡Hola! After years and years of confussion and not knowing what was "wrong" with me, one awesome day i read this article about demisexuality... it was like reading my life story. It felt so good to know that im not alone, and it still feels really good. I'm so happy that i...

Yvonne Santos

30 / Woman / Single

I'm a southern girl from the states that, now, lives in Maine. I enjoy cold weather while sitting inside, and hot weather while relaxing on the beach. Very much an ambivert in my interactions with the world. A fat woman in a world that tries to cut her down. I remain...


34 / Man / Single / Bordeaux

DESCRIPTION Bienvenue sur mon profil ! 🙂 Tu aimes profiter de la vie, voyager, la musique, les concerts et festoches, la nature, les animaux, faire la fête mais aussi rester au calme, la cuisine, regarder des films, faire des balades... la vie quoi ! Alors on est peut-être...


33 / Man / Single / São Paulo

From January 2017, I will be in Melbourne, Australia. 😉


29 / Man / Single / London

Looking for someone to hang out with and potentially a relationship. I guess I am  a hetero-romantic, emotionally and physically attracted to females, just not sexually. Love to travel, love music.


31 / Man / Single / Sydney

I've been referred to as a shiny Pokemon. I am a short, south east Asian man that can grow a beard. I'm introverted and quite the homebody but I do enjoy heading out and being amongst nature, finding a nice place to eat delicious food or heading to a pub...


23 / Woman / Single / Cherkasy


37 / Woman / Single / Orange County, CA

37, engineer.  Looking for friends and maybe more.  I'm really good at winning free beer at bar trivia.  🙂 Interests: sports (kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, golf, tennis), anime/manga, learning Japanese, cooking, trying new restaurants, craft beer, video games, crafts, thrift shops, makeup/skincare    


21 / Man / Single / Venice

I love philosophy, reading, writing, traveling and learning new languages. I was born in France and lived in Italy and China, and now I'm majoring in Chinese language and culture at Venice's University; my family is what you'd call a "global" one, and I enjoy having friends all around the...


38 / Woman / Single / Darwin

I am happy with a simple life with an enquiring mind into the mysteries of the universe. I love exploring meaning in life and beyond. I am a registered nurse and deeply empathetic. Very into philosophical theories and the chaos yet order of the universe. Fascinated by Jung, Dawkins and...


28 / Woman / Single / Budapest


33 / Woman / Single / Cleveland

I'm a curious and fun-loving thirty something looking for a long term partner.  I asked my brother what three words he would use to describe me and he said "funny, charismatic, and fun."  I feel most useful when I am being a supportive friend and listener.  Some of my interests...


31 / Woman / Single / Marion, IA

i love video games [JRPGs mostly], animals, pro-wrestling [AEW especially], folk metal, symphonic metal, anime...i'm probably on facebook instead of here []. please note i have physical disabilities [including ehlers-danlos syndrome] and borderline personality disorder, on top of being asexual and diagnosed autistic when i was younger... so i am not...


30 / Woman / Gdynia

Hi! I'm demiromantic person, I like music, especially 70's-80's rock. Always enjoy a good book and some rollerskating in the fresh air. I'm a little sarcastic and have a dark sense of humor sometimes. Feel free to contact me 🙂 I'm online rather seldom but you can always try contact:)


47 / Woman / Single / San Jose


34 / Woman / Single / Paris

J'ai triché, une partie de la réponse se trouve déjà dans le paragraphe du dessus. Il est assez roboratif comme ça, pour cette case-ci, je vais opter pour le lancer de tirets. J'aime: - écrire - dessiner - traduire ( English to Français, c'est mieux que les Sudoku) - lire (litératures anglaise, japonaise, française,...


25 / Woman / Single / Fort Lauderdale


37 / Man / Single / Dublin

I'm ambitious, generous, good natured, kind, have a good sense of humor I think ;-). Love music, good tv shows, like current affairs, and history too. I also like football. I'm ambitious career wise. I love dogs too. KIK : fuzzyfonte email me on    

Tom Miller

29 / Man / Single / Birmingham

I'm Tom, I'm a very laid back and relaxed person and I spend most of my spare time playing games, watching films and going out with people oh and people watching, I love people watching.

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