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32 / Man / Married / Tustin


25 / Woman / Single / Toronto

University student Studious Don't have a life ^to summarize: I am a fourth-year university student graduating this winter. I take my academic life with great seriousness, because it takes a lot of effort for me to be as good as everyone else in uni. Last time I religiously followed a TV show was Hannibal...


28 / Woman / Single

I have never been much good at talking about myself.  I have dated a little in the past but I'm looking for a relationship now. I would say that I'm an affectionate person but I just find the sexual stuff really off-putting. I'm fine with hugs, cuddling and hand-holding. I work...


26 / Woman / Single / Minneapolis

I like to read, write, and draw. I'm somewhat nerdy(?) especially when it comes to manga. I do tend to be indoors more often, but I also like to explore nature. I'm an accountant (the corporate, not tax type) and enjoy my job in a cubicle. I feel there's more to learn...


26 / Woman / Single


51 / Man / Single


48 / Woman / Single / London

I prefer to describe myself as a voluptuous lady,  with the demeanour of a soft, fluffy marshmallow. If you like that sort of thing that is. I  am  by no means boring and am quite intelligent when the situation warrants it. I  am open to meeting someone of any background,...

bram berntsen

23 / Man / Single / Angerlo


53 / Woman / Divorced / Indian Harbour Beach, FL

I'm a heteroromantic ace and bohemian in nature. I guess the latter comes with being born and raised near San Francisco.  I believe in karma, live in the moment, and appreciate the life I have.  I try not to take life seriously unless absolutely necessary, so I'm often laughing, joking...


39 / Man / Living together / Peterborough

I'm me... I don't embrace labels too much, I'm just looking for some good, no-pressure connections who might be looking for someone different to talk to or spend time with. I enjoy so many topics that it's difficult to list them all, as I consider myself pretty curious in everything,...


46 / Woman / Divorced / Clearwater

I am divorced and have bounced back like no other. Living the best life I've ever had. I am financially stable and have an amazing head on my shoulders. Smart, funny, sweet and best friend material. I have a new found love for kayaking so you can find me doing...

Béatrice Grimaud

55 / Woman / Divorced


31 / Woman / Single / San Francisco


23 / Man / Single / Cambridge

About me eh? Well, I'm a life-loving chap looking to make connections with other asexuals - be it friendship or relationship. I'm educated to degree level and have plans for further education. Keen interests of mine include animals, nature, photography, and cooking & baking. For me, there's just something so satifsifying about...


29 / Woman / Single / Springfield, MO

call me elle. i'm a non-binary, gray-ro/ace woman looking to make connections in the Springfield, MO area. friends are just as welcome && wanted as potential romantic partners. i'm a bit of a weeb && a disney fan. some of my favorite characters include elsa, stitch, the beast, marie (the aristocats), haku...

Josalynn Koon

25 / Woman / Single / Rochester


55 / Man / Single / Portsmouth

I am a transgender man (FTM) with a disability, so if this bothers you, look away now! Live on the South Coast with my kitten Jaspie. Introverted with a dry sense of humour and a double dose of stubborn. Favourite music genres: rock, metal, electronic, 60s/70s/80s. Favourite book genres: pretty much anything, but prefer...


28 / Woman / Single / San Jose

I'm a book nerd, I currently am attempting to read 100 books this year. I work nights, so I'm looking for someone who is a night owl or can hang early mornings. I love animals, I used to rescue small animals for a while. I have a Tortoise named Poe...


50 / Woman / Separated

I'm overweight, over-tired, and over it.  (I deliberately put this out there (as well as actual average photos of myself, instead of ones that show me in the best light), because I don't want you to be surprised when my size 18 ass shows up for our coffee date). I have...

Melanie Espinoza

38 / Woman / Single

I hate these "about me" boxes. How can I give an unbiased look at who I am? I can't all I can say is I am awesome ONCE YOU GET TO KNOW ME. Which, I'll admit takes some work. I am really funny and outgoing in most aspects, except when...


20 / Woman / Single

I am a hopeless romantic, shy, sensitive girl who has problems talking to people but when I'm not being shy I like to joke around and listen to other people I enjoy watching movies (mainly animated and horror), Watching YouTube videos, Playing video games whether its Nintendo or story based like...


30 / Man / Single / Lyons

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