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Kieran Maharaj


I am a university student studying computer science and maths (third year). I'm vegetarian. I love mystery, thriller and sci-fi stories (all sorts - novels, graphic novels, movies, TV shows) - if you have any recommendations, please share with me! I am happy to have a chat, about anything if you're interested....

Matt Johnston

52 / Man / Single / London


41 / Man / Single / Ayr

I am someone who has always enjoyed flying solo, being the lone wolf, or whatever either kind of metaphor applies. I've always known that I didn't want the traditional marriage, kids, 1.5 pet scenario but only later in life did I come to terms with my own asexuality (gray- demi-)......


42 / Woman / Single


19 / Woman / Single / Verona

Robert Shand

25 / Man / Single / Pontefract

Facebook: Robert Shand Snapchat: RobertShand13


48 / Man / Single / Besançon

Brody Cousins

30 / Man / Single / Ballarat

Hey, well I'm a geek. I collect comics, play video games, watching tv shows and movies and love reading. I also like walking, going to see friends and camping not that I have had much of a chance to do that for a few years. If you would like to talk...


27 / Man / Single / Genk

Me? I'm an aspiring video game developer so, nerd alert! INTP, so be warned. Love cartoons and anime but haven't watched them in a while. If you want to talk or find out more, just send me a message on kik or mail, just do it, I'm waiting for you! (might take...


34 / Woman / Single / Den Haag


27 / Man / Single / Wakefield

Well, what can I say about me....that's a tough question as I never really thought about it. Okay, here it goes. I suppose friends/family would consider me as a loyal, creative, honest and humorous guy with a lot of love to give. Although I'm currently studying a Fine Art course...


27 / Woman / Single / Munic

I find it always hard to write something about myself... But here we go. I'm 27 and I'm living in a flat together with my best friend and two cats. I love them all very much. I'm working as a 2D Artist for a little game company, I draw there everything we...


27 / Man / Single / Paris

Je suis quelqu'un la plupart du temps de bonne humeur, qui aime bien rigoler et faire rigoler, à l'écoute des autres.. enfin voila n'hésitez pas à venir parler pour en savoir plus 🙂


19 / Woman / Single / Christchurch


35 / Man / Single / Wroclaw

Introvert. I like going for walks and watching YouTube.


24 / Woman / Single / Shanghai

Always don't know how to write this... ... I am an illustrator and animator. I prefer arts. I prefer dogs. I prefer the color green. I prefer exceptions. I prefer to leave early. I prefer talking to you something unique. I prefer the old fine-lined illustrations. I prefer the absurdity of writing poems. I prefer visiting different countries. I prefer Grimms's...


46 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Luke Walczynski

27 / Man / Single / Duluth

Hi I’m Luke. I’m definitely more on the introvert side but once I get to know people am more comfortable. I guess I’ve always been an ace my whole life, just didn’t realize it til I was 20-21. I like watching sports, reading, fishing, and being out on the water...


34 / Woman / Single / Alkmaar

I am a bi-romantic asexual from the Netherlands. I am a positive person who loves the outdoor life. I love going hiking, swimming, climbing, running and cooking and baking. And movies! I love animals but am not a big fan of children.


49 / Man / Divorced / Lausanne

Homme hypersensible empathique, sympa, ouvert d'esprit et à l'écoute


28 / Woman / Single / Little Rock

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