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24 / Man / Single / Wakefield

Very friendly gentleman who is well educated and likes to exercise regularly but not a total utter gym/health freak. I attend Muay Thai (a rather niche martial art in case you're wondering) classes 3 times a week and go for walks/runs with my dog on days off work. Have a...

Peridot Flare

48 / Woman / Single / Louisville

I'm an AroAce most of the time, PanRo sometimes and Apothisexual all of the time. Because this site is so sleepy, I'm on Ace Book, too. If you're also on there, I'm PeridotFlare.


29 / Man / Single / hanoi

Chữa vô sinh hiếm muộn Hồng Hà

21 / Man / Single / Hà Nội

Tắc vòi trứng nên ăn gì và không nên ăn gì? Tắc vòi trứng nên ăn gì là một trong những câu hỏi được nhiều chị em quan tâm, đặc biệt là đối với những ai đang ở trong tình trạng hiếm muộn, muốn sinh con. Hôm nay, Trung tâm điều...

CĐ Phạm Ngọc Thạch

27 / Woman / Single / Ho Chi Minh City


18 / Woman / Single / Athens

nhung anh

20 / Man / Single / hanoi


27 / Man / Single / NYC

I'm a pretty laid back person living just outside of NYC. Life can get pretty monotonous if you don't do anything about it, so I try to be adventurous and try lots of new things, whether traveling to weird places, eating somewhere new, or learning something new. With that said...


41 / Man / Poole


28 / Woman / Single / Moscow

I'm a cinematographer, based in Moscow (Russia). Personal marks: hyperactive, kind, curious, straight forward, workaholic, spontaneous, open-minded, single-traveller around the World (India, Thailand, France, Germany, UAE). Great home chef, especially pastry. Instagram is @anna.vlasova.ii FB: Kik - AnnaDop

Edizah Tucker

24 / Woman / Single / Newark

I’m a introvert who loves to learn. In my free time I study languages, play video games, cosplay and watch anime sometimes. I love my pets as well I have a dog and a cat that get along and they are totally different personalities. I enjoy baking, arts and crafts...

Rob Lenrick

39 / Man / Single / Michiana

Hi Everybody!  You know what?  "I love cats!  I love every kind of cat!"  LOL And if you get THAT reference, then we're gonna be fast friends!  If not, no problems, it was silly and "ain't nobody got time for that" anyway!  ; D But seriously, I'm "a riddle wrapped in a...


32 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles


34 / Woman / Single


22 / Woman / Single

  1. Hello all! My name is Lina, a nursing student who will graduate later this year. I’m cis-hetero and graysexual. I am using this platform in hopes to make genuine and long term friends. I am an extroverted introvert -a bit shy and awkward at first, but chatty and will potentially annoy...


33 / Man / Single / Ho Chi Minh City


35 / Woman / Single /

Our History Jiangsu Xingke Electric Co.,Ltd. acquired the mould, equipment and jinyuan brand of nanjing jinyuan lighting outdoor lamps in 2013. The company mainly produces courtyard lamps, street lamps, pole lamps, combination lamps, lawn lamps, landscape lamps, solar street lamps and various LED lamps, and the lamp brand is "jinyuan".The registered...


57 / Man / Divorced / Truro

It took me a long time to discover I fell into the ACE category, I guess was in denial for a long time, putting it down to medical problem. One day I watched a BBC news program about it and it suddenly clicked, I had spent a life trying to...

shaaban bouthaina

28 / Woman / Single / Stockholm


25 / Woman / Single / Yokohama

My friends say I'm good at lifting their spirits and making them laugh. I like reading, cooking and dancing. I love animals and the countryside.

Thais Garcia

21 / Woman / Single / São paulo

Tạ Thanh Huyền

21 / Woman / Single / Thai Binh


74 / dingdingtiwima


57 / cerentumagfarb

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