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just me 😉

30 / Man / Single / somewhere in Europe

I’m an open minded person. I’m looking for a like-minded woman for conversations and travels. No problem if you are shy, as long as you’re up for a chat and a nice person. Age and experiences don’t matter. You can ask me, if you wanna know more. Interests: Hiking, hillwalking, music, going on...


36 / Man / Single / Minsk

I'm a romantic asexual. Avid cyclist, loves travelling, running, hiking, reading.

Lou Reed

41 / Man / Single / paris

I like running, travelling, eating different food and watching movies/series ! P.S: I will be sending photos of me only to people I will be chatting with.


25 / Man / Single / Tampa

I'm a pretty down to earth guy. I'd like to meet someone who shares some of the same interests, but I'm always up for a new adventure. I have two pups who I like more than most people.

My family and friends are probably the most important things in...


36 / Man / Single


39 / Man / Single / Braintree

Outside of work, I live a quiet lifestyle with a few close friends. I enjoy movies (Sci-fi/horror/action/fantasy), music (Rock/Classical), sports (LETS GO RED SOX/BRUINS!), reading (mostly Sci-fi/fantasy/horror), video games (Xbox/Nintendo), and cats (I have one, name is Autumn). If your ideal night is dinner and a movie, you've come to...


26 / Man / Single / Ottawa


32 / Man / Single / Atlantic City


32 / Woman / Single / Nice

Je suis passionnée par le sport et les voyages. J'ai une âme aventurière, limite casse-cou. Je suis toujours prête à faire de nouvelles découvertes culturelles, culinaires... Si vous voulez en savoir plus, il suffit de demander. I am passionate about the sport and travel. I have an adventurous soul, daredevil limit. I...



Gay Ace in the DC area looking for someone to share life experiences with. I enjoy most things: going out or staying in, having a few drinks or keeping it dry, playing video games, board games, or any other kind of games or having...


42 / Man / Single / Washington DC

I like to have a good time and like to laugh at myself, and the world in general . But this asexual stuff makes me pretty damn serious at the same time. Been at it for a while, still don't have it figured out. Live in the...


31 / Man / Single / St. Paul

In general I'm a fairly stoic and easygoing person. My main passions in life are exploring, protecting, and restoring the environment.  I want to leave the world better than when I found it. Other than that, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hobbies. I enjoy learning about other...


38 / Woman / Single / Providence

I'm here to hopefully meet some new people and hopefully turn one of those friendships into a relationship. I'm pretty low key and low maintenance. I like to stay in most of the time and just kinda hang out. I think I have a great sense of humor and don't...

Jesse Sutherland

23 / Man / Living together / Tucson

Hey, I'm Jesse. I'm a 22 year old guy from the super hot desert of Tucson, Arizona. I'm basically an unorganized mess of existentialism, randomness, poetry, video games, and sarcasm.  Anyway, I've basically just made this account for self discovery. I'm already in a relationship at the moment, but I've...


33 / Man / Single / Cambridge

I'm a tall, brown eyed, athletic, mixed, coffee-loving, candy-obsessed, Canadian ace! I run, do hot yoga, and sometimes train for circus arts. I also occasionally dabble in gymnastics and I'm pretty good on a tennis court - and yes, I'm one of those people that thinks they are just as good...

Josh (Add Insta: josha.26)

27 / Man / Single / Boston

I'm currently a music teacher in California, and I just moved here to start something new! I'm a pop culture junkie and I love Sci-fi films, video games,  good beer, and music. I'm a bit introverted and I really prefer time with my closest friends and my partner rather than...

Stephen Chilver

25 / Man / Single / Kesgrave

Hey, My name is Steve! I’m hoping to become a photographer, and it is my dream to travel the world with my camera. I’m a great lover of squash, chess, and I play the guitar (badly, I might add!) Anyway, here are a few random bits of information about me:   Most Interesting Food...


19 / Man / Single / Preston


41 / Man / Single / Metz

If you want to chat about anything or play video games with me, don't hesitate to contact me !


28 / Man / Single / London

I'm pretty laid back but I'll always stand up for what I believe in. I try to be a good and kind person. I'm the guy who knows everyone at work and plays the extrovert to make others more comfortable, but I'm definitely an introvert at heart and I like...


24 / Man / Troy

Not sure how to really start, haha but I’m just an open minded and adventurous guy who doesn't mind trying new things. I might not be a story-rich person mostly because I don't remember things easily (I blame my ADD for it) but I love story-rich people and listening to what...


29 / Man / Single / Paris

It’s something that you will have to find by contacting me 😉 I will do my best to respond to all the messages that I will receive. See you. C'est quelque chose que vous devrez découvrir en me contactant 😉 Je ferai mon possible pour répondre aux messages que je recevrai. A+


33 / Woman / Single


34 / Woman / Single / Liskeard

I'm really shy until I know people well enough, I have had to come out of my shell from years of working in the emergency services. But I still retreat to solitude and enjoy cosy nights with a good book or film. I am really hoping to meet someone to...

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