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37 / Man / Separated / Namur

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30 / Man / Single / Sydney

I have pretty wide range of interests. One day I'm deep into a documentary on netflix the next I am watching Rick and Morty . I can be quiet the paradox in that I like my sports (mainly tennis) but also like gaming and watching movies. I can be a bit...


31 / Single


49 / Man / Single / Houston

Kik me @ musick4themasses


29 / Man / Single


44 / Man / Divorced / Glasgow


25 / Woman / Single

I'm a transportation engineer by day, and I like to keep active after work hours; but sometimes I can be a major couch potato too. Some things I enjoy spending my time on are playing and watching sports, shows and movies, and video games. I also love spending time with friends...

Johan Bard

36 / Man / Single / Motala


33 / Man / Single / Edinburgh


23 / Man / Single


25 / Man / Single

  I never liked to write about myself, but i can try. I’m actually very sociable, and I love meeting people. I deal with information technology, Java programmer. Enjoy good music, movies and series, especially dramas. I have visited many countries, and I want to visit many more. My wish is...

Rens Bilić

23 / Man / Single

Text me on Instagram @enesbilic_    🙂


22 / Woman / Single


42 / Man / Single / Doncaster

Pleased to meet you,I’m David. I work as a Voice-Over Artist on different projects varying from ,Radio,E-learning,Commercials,Dubbing,Audiobooks, Documentaries,Animation,Trailers,Tutorials & Gaming I love to travel and explore and was in the US until the beginning of June last year I would love to build a friendship/relationship with a like minded soul I look forward to...


36 / Man / Single / Sandnes

I'm a classic introvert (personality type INFJ). And yes, that means I love animals (especially cats!), meaningful conversations and nature...and places with few people around 🙂 Interests: Music, soccer, climate/ nature, science, psychology, cooking, animals, TV/ movies At the moment I'm what they call flexitarian. I try to eat as much plant-based...

Jessica Hernandez

24 / Woman / Single

I'm 24, but a kid at heart. I would like to think I'm pretty awesome. But I'll leave you to judge. I am looking for friends or something a little more serious. I was raised in California, I love beaches! By myself, I am honestly a bit of a hermit...


36 / Man / Single / Liverpool

wendy prechner

41 / Woman / Single / london

The world is your oyster go out and catch it.Away from work dance is my passion be it performing or watching. I'm a country girl who loves the city life.I love the hustle and bustle however when timeout is required i love nothing more then the outdoors. I love travel and adventure,...


28 / Man / Single / Rohel


27 / Man / Single / Melbourne

I would say I’m a pretty easy going guy who likes to find the fun in whatever it is I’m doing. I enjoy the outdoors, things like going to the beach or camping but I’m also not opposed to a day spent on the couch watching Netflix or a movie. I would...

Roberto Tejeda

23 / Man / Single / Glendale

Heavily into politics, hoping to leave a better world for those younger than I; specifically I’m into history/current events relating to war, economics, corruption, espionage, & murder. Though I’m not bigheaded when sharing thoughts, always willing to admit what I don’t know and live to learn from anyone anywhere. Love...

Rob Lenrick

34 / Man / Single / Michiana

Hi Everybody!  You know what?  "I love cats!  I love every kind of cat!"  LOL And if you get THAT reference, then we're gonna be fast friends!  If not, no problems, it was silly and "ain't nobody got time for that" anyway!  ; D But seriously, I'm "a riddle wrapped in a...

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