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27 / Woman / Single


26 / Man / Single

Hi, I'm originally from Gloucestershire in the South West of England but I'm currently studying Real Estate (Property) at Oxford Brookes university. My main passion is sport. In particular, I love football and tennis but I enjoy most sport related activities. I play football regularly while I also coach football...


54 / Man / Single / Cape Town

I am a Marine Engineer. Well travelled which has allowed me to see and visit many places. On my vacation I like to relax on the beach and end the day with a cocktail. Enjoy fine dinnig, movies and travelling. Would like to share my life with that special someone. A...


38 / Woman / Single / Southampton


23 / Man / Single

Hey, I'm Jared. I'm 23 and work at dog daycare and am going to school in the summer. Life is finally stabilizing so I figured I'd try online dating out again, considering the difficulty of being asexual and trying to find people who are also. I love animals and I...


39 / Man / Single / Preston

I'm currently in North West England, originally from the South East. Studying post-grad and working in IT in my 'free' time. Reasonably introverted but not at all shy. I'm probably a bit immature, and sometimes a little bit boring - oh and definitely not a morning person. I mean it's...


38 / Man / Single / Cape Town

Warren Moore

30 / Man / Single / London

I am from Bognor Regis on the south coast of the UK originally, but have traveled much in life, including 5 wonderful years studying in Canada. Now I live in West London. I studied folklore, with a specific focus on food-lore and how humans view food and the changes that have...

William Pope

22 / Man / Single / London

I’m a film maker, it’s my passion and my job. I am an easy going guy. My schedule is fucked as I’m freelance so I’m shit at making plans sometimes, so I like to be very free living, working things out as I go along. Also not afraid to cry...


30 / Man / Single / Melbourne South


30 / Man / Single / Sydney

I've been referred to as a shiny Pokemon. I am a short, south east Asian man that can grow a beard. I'm introverted and quite the homebody but I do enjoy heading out and being amongst nature, finding a nice place to eat delicious food or heading to a pub...

Nicolas de jager

35 / Man / Single / Pretoria

Lemon pie

30 / Woman / Single


21 / Man / Single / Southampton/London

Don't like limiting my personality to an 'about me' box (don't think anyone does tbh) so I'll keep it short: I'd say I'm honest, kind, passionate when it matters, and easy-going. I have a lot of varied interests, so I'm sure we'll find at least one common one!   Seen as though...


21 / Woman / Single

Carrie Ferris

17 / Woman / Single / Dublin

Well, let's start off with a healthy dose of self-deprecation as I gawk at my screen in a state of utter amazement, seeing that there are actually real people on this planet who actually exist and believe I'm worth sending a friend request to. Thank you, I say, stupidly assuming...


40 / Man / Single / Hongcheon

I'm a pretty boring person. I'm introverted, but have the ability to stand up and deliver a speech in front of a few hundred people with no problem, but put me in a shopping centre (mall) for 30 minutes and I'll be scratching at the doors to get out.


31 / Man / Single / Seattle

Moved in '12 to Seattle from the South (Florida-born). I hope to live in at least two other places in the U.S. longish-term, with the dream of living in Iceland permanently (if I like it there). I'm an English graduate and usually spend my days writing poetry, reading poetry, taking...

Kayla Taylor

19 / Woman / Single / Urbana


30 / Man / Single / Southampton

Patricia Shaffer

50 / Woman / Single / Southern Pines


28 / Man / Single / Sydney

Im quiet type of guy with a pretty wide range of interests. One day I'm deep into a documentary on netflix the next I am watching Rick and Morty . I can be quiet the paradox in that I like my sports (mainly tennis) but also like gaming and watching movies....

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