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John Anthony

35 / Man / Single / Adelaide

John isn't my real name because Google indexes this site, but please ask me if you're interested. In fact, feel free to ask anything at all and I'll be honest with my responses. I'm a male Australian, hetero-romantic asexual. I'm an INTJ-T (Architect) on the Myers Briggs, but don't put too much...


21 / Woman / Single / Southern U.S

I'm an English major who loves books, video games, my family and my friends. I'm introverted but a total goof ball when you get to know me. I'm lesbian ace and looking forward to having kids in the future. I'm also a Christian and part of the Republican party.

Yennifer Herriot

39 / Woman / Single / Plon

I am a biologist and veterinary technician, so yes I love animals especially wildlife 🙂 And I love outdoors sports! I born in Uruguay (South America), I travel, work and live in Namibia, South Africa, U.K.,  The Netherlands, Argentina and Germany. Working for different wildlife research projects but also working with...


18 / Woman / Single

Hi! I'm Nicole - 18 year old girl, coming from a small region of Balkans, in the South-Eastern Europe.

I would describe myself as a kind, honest, creative and ambitious individual, who is also an introvert, but very open and communicative in the right group of people.

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21 / Man / Single / South Bend, IN

I’m a quiet person but I can get loud when I’m excited. I love books and movies and my cat. I’m mostly introverted, with a hint of sarcasm. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m a huge nerd. I was raised on Star Trek and rock n’roll. I’m a heteroromantic Ace, looking...


22 / Man / Single / Southampton/London

Don't like limiting my personality to an 'about me' box (don't think anyone does tbh) so I'll keep it short: I'd say I'm honest, kind, passionate when it matters, and easy-going. I have a lot of varied interests, so I'm sure we'll find at least one common one!   Seen as though...


32 / Woman / Single / Thousand Oaks

I am a pet sitter in southern california ventura county. I am asexual biromantic but prefer women. When I'm not being dragged around by my furry clients I love to relax to video games, movies, books, and music. I love stories and I want to live my...


28 / Woman / London

I am originally from the South of England but have moved around quite a lot and I now live in London. I work in publishing as a finance analyst, which is a great mix of my love of books and my love of maths! My main hobbies are: Reading - especially fantasy...


39 / Man / Single / Preston

I'm currently in North West England, originally from the South East. Studying post-grad and working in IT in my 'free' time. Reasonably introverted but not at all shy. I'm probably a bit immature, and sometimes a little bit boring - oh and definitely not a morning person. I mean it's...


61 / Woman / Divorced / Southampton

Yvonne Santos

30 / Woman / Single

I'm a southern girl from the states that, now, lives in Maine. I enjoy cold weather while sitting inside, and hot weather while relaxing on the beach. Very much an ambivert in my interactions with the world. A fat woman in a world that tries to cut her down. I remain...


42 / Woman / Single / South Amboy

Lemon pie

30 / Woman / Single


38 / Man / Single / Southampton


29 / Man / Single / Dearborn

I love to cuddle and be romantic and be funny. Long term monogamous relationships are my jam. I have a benign fetish that is unrelated to sex. I want to find someone that can be comfortable with it, but does not need to get too involved. I want to meet people in...


21 / Woman / Single / South jersey


28 / Man / Single / Southampton


26 / Woman / Single / Johannesburg


25 / Woman / Single / Columbia

I'm a Hufflepuff, a Protestant, and an introvert. I can be really shy and quiet when I first meet people but when I get comfortable I talk more. And can get rather snarky... I am about to graduate with a Masters of Library and Information Science, and my focus is public...


39 / Man / Prefer not to say / Dallas


31 / Man / Single / Sydney

I've been referred to as a shiny Pokemon. I am a short, south east Asian man that can grow a beard. I'm introverted and quite the homebody but I do enjoy heading out and being amongst nature, finding a nice place to eat delicious food or heading to a pub...


49 / Woman / Divorced / Southampton


20 / Man / Single / Southend-on-Sea

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