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23 / Man / Single / London

I am a self-claimed quaint individual who is fascinated about tea, flowers and books. I was born in Brazil, lived a great part of my life in England, travelled a bit, moved to Ireland and now waiting for the next step of my life. I am the most committed and honest...


28 / Woman / Single


32 / Woman / Single / Milwaukee

Demi-romantic. Writer. Teacher. Can be a bit sassy. A hodgepodge of passions & quirks resulting in one eclectic bag o' bones. Lover of farmers markets, ghibli, zero waste, exploring, positivity, water bottles, yoga, stained glass, people watching, mornings, ukulele, dancing, bikes, watching roller derby, veganism, thunderstorms, drawing digitally, warmth, scooting, libraries, flowers,...


54 / Woman / Divorced / Belo Horizonte - MG

Tenho zero aptidão atlética, mas estou em melhor forma do que muitos desde que eu vou ao ginásio todos os dias da semana, pois meu proprio trabalho me oferece o beneficio de ter que se exercitar, rsrsrsrs...não gosto de gastar dinheiro, não sou muito religioso e não me dou bem com...


31 / Woman / Single / Montreal

Je suis une personne curieuse qui aime apprendre et découvrir des manières alternatives de faire les choses. J’aime que chaque idée que j’explore m’amène ailleurs et me pousse à me poser des questions. Je travaille comme assistante dans une Clinique chiropratique et cet emploi me permet de mener une vie...


32 / Woman / Single / Dhaka

  I think I look4 Some1 2 share the journey of life with. I'd love it if he's kind, compassionate, vegan/vegetarian, animal lover, like me. I fantasize about a relationship that will last the lifetime & love will never fade away, rather grow more & stronger with time. good character...


45 / Woman / Single / Warwick

Ahhh! Now the bit about me. Where to start and what would an ace guy want to know? I am sometimes very confident and other times I like to take the back seat. I enjoy making bad puns and playing with the English language, almost to eyes rolling to the ceiling...


35 / Woman / Single / Wakefield

Hi I'm Sarah, I am so pleased that I have found this site and can now feel relatively normal!! Ok, so I'm a Primary teacher, baby massage instructor and youth group leader. I love to spend time outdoors walking, visiting new places (or gardening - yes old ladyish I realise!)...


37 / Woman / Single / Brisbane

Melissa Bebel

25 / Woman / Single / Naperville

I am currently a one-to-one student aide at a therapeutic day school in my hometown, working with school age children mostly on the autism spectrum. My hobbies outside of work include music (I sing and play several instruments), writing, reading, and costuming! I plan on resuming a graduate program in...


19 / Woman / Single / London




Hi, my name is Gauri. I am a huge biology nerd. I enjoy competitive swimming. My favorite hobby is glass painting. I admire dogs, though I have never owned any pets of my own. I don't really enjoy playing video games unless it involves car racing. My favorite weekend past-time...


35 / Woman / Single / Singapore

- Introvert gamer girl in Singapore - Demisexual/graysexual and demiromantic. Am not averse to physical touch, cuddling etc., but only after I've warmed up to the person, which can take months. - Am a copywriter by day, which I admit makes me a bit of a grammar Nazi, although I try to...


35 / Woman / Single / Portland, ME

I want to become an Egyptologist. Art History is my sky. Languages make me misty, especially German and Russian. Classical Art makes my heart race abnormally. I like to get lost in a museum and/or a bookstore until someone finds me and tells me I'm not allowed in here after-hours....


24 / Woman / Single / School: Storrs, Connecticut. ; Hometown: Boston, MA

Hello! My name is Julie 🙂 I am working on an MSc. in geosciences and aspire to work in hydrology/hydrogeology. In my free time I love art, history, and vintage fashion. I haven't dropped the 20$ on full site access yet, but feel free to reach out to me on...


41 / Woman / Divorced / SC

Looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage. I am divorced with no children. I have MS. I need a cane to walk around and I get tired easily but that is pretty much the only thing you'll notice different about me. I have a big heart and I want...


56 / Woman / Divorced


25 / Woman / Single / Aarhus

I am a lesbian, asexual, twenty four year old with Aspergers Syndrome. Yep, that's right right. I'm a lesbian. And asexual. And autistic. I'm literally all over every spectrum. But apart from that, I'm a very charming book loving nerd. I'm also a writer. I'm currently trying to get my...


44 / Man / Single / Geneva


27 / Woman / Single / Boston, MA

Highlights about myself: I have a 2 degrees in Forensic Science I'm a big nerd who loves playing D&D, video games and reading comics I'm a martial artist And I love travelling If you want to shoot me a message to chat contact my instagram at Kaitrasophe  


35 / Woman / Single

I'm a librarian and part-time Twitch streamer with two cats and an obsession with Transformers, knitting, fiber crafts, video games, science fiction/fantasy, and crystals. I'm a very shy INFP, but I love to talk about mutual interests and travel. It's my dream to one day be able to visit Japan...

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