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27 / Woman / Single / Toronto

Just looking to find some decent people. Not specifically looking for anything, and definitely not looking to rush into anything. P.S. If you don't have a picture posted, I'm not interested.


32 / Woman / Single / Royal Oak

I work hard and play hard. When I'm not saving lives, I like to chill with my friends, go to the lake or pool in the summer, skiing in the winter, and just checking out awesome restaurants nearby year round. I'm super outgoing and looking for someone who can keep...


29 / Woman / Single


55 / Woman / Divorced / Minas Gerais

Não tenho conta, nem facebook, nem stagram, meus recursos tecnológicos são por e-mail e whatssapp. Sou brasileira, divorciada, professora de educação infantil, tenho Um filho de 27 anos. Gosto de muitas coisas que a natureza oferece, sou consciente ecologicamente, evito o desperdício o máximo possível e economizo e reutilizo os...


36 / Woman / Separated / Chicago

I'm on the grey scale, sapiosexual, not huge into touch all the time but occasionally do want a cuddle and kiss and companionship with romance and romantic gestures. I'm the head of house in my one-parent household, I've worked for myself for 5 years and homeschool my three year old....


27 / Man / Single / Marseille

Aaaah, j'ai toujours été mauvais pour me présenter, mais je vais essayer de la faire courte. Je suis un homme cis asexuel hétéroromantique de 24 ans, aspirant ébeniste et passionné de tas et de tas de choses, principalement dans le domaine du créatif. Un peu de guitare, un peu de...


24 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia


36 / Woman / Single / Portland, ME

I want to become an Egyptologist. Art History is my sky. Languages make me misty, especially German and Russian. Classical Art makes my heart race abnormally. I like to get lost in a museum and/or a bookstore until someone finds me and tells me I'm not allowed in here after-hours....


40 / Woman / Single / Kingston-upon-Thames

I am strongly liberal but a peacekeeper who tries to support and be friendly with as many people as I can. I like having fun and enjoy movies, music, theatre, going to church, am dram, singing, playing games, having cosy nights in, going out for an evening,


32 / Woman / Single / Montreal

Je suis une personne curieuse qui aime apprendre et découvrir des manières alternatives de faire les choses. J’aime que chaque idée que j’explore m’amène ailleurs et me pousse à me poser des questions. Je travaille comme assistante dans une Clinique chiropratique et cet emploi me permet de mener une vie...

Debra Crossman

55 / Woman / Ferndale

Isabelle Calderon

20 / Woman / Single / South Jordan

I was born in Southern California but moved to the Salt Lake valley at a young age. My family consists of eight kids, me being a middle child. I consider myself highly religious but I totally respect and love my friends who have different beliefs. I consider myself a future entrepreneur...


31 / Woman / Prefer not to say / Malvern


29 / Woman / Single / St. Louis

Pan-romantic and Graysexual. In general I'm introverted and silly.  I like Lord of the Rings, horror movies,Kpop, books and reading in general, anime(especially Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon), as well as both cooking and baking(and eating lol). A pushover who let's her cat both steal her pillow and sleep on...

Ashley Van Poucke

21 / Woman / Single / Gent

I'm an art student in Belgium who is tired of feeling alone and wants to find someone who loves her the way she loves them.


36 / Woman / Single / Singapore

- Introvert gamer girl in Singapore - Demisexual/graysexual and demiromantic. Am not averse to physical touch, cuddling etc., but only after I've warmed up to the person, which can take months. - Am a copywriter by day, which I admit makes me a bit of a grammar Nazi, although I try to...


41 / Woman / Single

Vous connaissez la fée Clochette? Petite fée au caractère bien trempé, j'adore jouer la harpe et le piano. Avec deux petits compagnons à 4 pattes comme destriers je cherche le Prince pour continuer ce compte et pouvoir dire "ils vécurent tous heureux"

MarJane Williamson

22 / Woman / Single / Belleville

I am demisexual and would like to find a partner that I can grow with emotionally and physically. I am comfortable with cuddling and kisses. Don’t have membership so add me on sc @ marjane_w


21 / Woman / Single / St. Leonards-On-Sea

Zii Miller

24 / Man / Single / Sarasota

Hello! I don't have a membership so I can't see your messages 🙁 please contact me on instagram or twitter @MasterZii or Discord Zii#1526 I am fairly introverted, I spend most of my time indoors on my computer. I am  digital artist so I do a lot of work on my...

Sophie Buckley

24 / Woman / Single / Sheffield

Feel free to add me on facebook Sophie Buckley as I dont have full membership and cant reply on here.

Luis Pardo

40 / Man / Single / Distrito Federal

I don't like roleplaying. I don't like to pose. So I will not tell I like this or that kind of music/movies/books whatever. Most of our internal problems are because we are trying so hard to fit into a classification. So I quit. I'm a fucking human and I'm not...

Melissa Bebel

27 / Woman / Single / Naperville

I am currently a one-to-one student aide at a therapeutic day school in my hometown, working with school age children mostly on the autism spectrum. My hobbies outside of work include music (I sing and play several instruments), writing, reading, and costuming! I plan on resuming a graduate program in...

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