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30 / Woman / Single / Leipzig

Don't have membership. No e-mail, etc? > Can't text you :O Telegram: @Yayataa Baum Omul Please have a profile picture and no sunglases on? For me the eyes of a person are important. Searching for a person to click with or nice people to chat and maybe hangout with 🙂    


27 / Man / Single

I apologize, but I am unable to message on here. I invite you to add me as a friend, allowing you to see my contact information under "detailed profile info." To answer the questions, I am a normalish person, kinda, with a BA in philosophy. I work for the State (I...


20 / Woman / Single


35 / Man / Single / London

I'm a chilled person. I work hard and enjoy my life. I'm honest, outgoing but shy at the same time. I like to see the best in people. I like people who see the best in themselves. Check out my facebook if you want to know more... feel free to message me...

Kamal khattra

24 / Man / Single / Melbourne

i am an ambivert.somedays am an introvert really shy and keep it to myself and some days am an extrovert who enjoys going outdoors. Am a loner and don't have many friends. I don't like small talk and not interested in talking people. Am a listener and enjoy having some deep...


36 / Man / Single

I am a theoretical physicist by profession (yes, I'm the Sheldon Cooper type but not that weird 😉 ) and have interest in music and photography among others. I am usually not very talkative unless the conversation is sensible/meaningful to me; then I don't stop talking. I am friendly and...

J-P (kik: jpjcity)

40 / Man / Single / Toronto

I am asexual interested in meeting another asexual Does it exist?


35 / Man / Single / Norwich

I will describe myself very romantic , decent , educated and affectionate guy. k i k : sunmoonplanet


41 / Woman

I am loyal, reliable and friendly, I am very empathic, curious, impulsive and open. I am very positive, but realistic. I am always very happy, easy going and I laugh easily, I am always in a good mood. I am ambivert and in real life I will be very shy at...


33 / Man / Single / Tunis

*I Don't have a membership. Kik: Billy_tn E-mail :


39 / Woman / Single / Sankt-Peterburg


22 / Woman / Single / Turin

I'm an CS engineer, love travelling, dragons, riddles, and baking. Can't sleep a night without doing some activities,which mostly are yoga and dancing! I'm talkative but introvert.


41 / Man / Single / Moscow


33 / Man / Single / New York

Settled, great job, ambitious, honest, creative, musician, artistic.


57 / Man / Single / Baltimore City

K. P.

38 / Woman / Single


43 / Woman

Urban, neat (sweet!;)), old school aesthete, with the love for art and harmony. Idealist, pacifist. Love to get lost on my travels, observe life, people and their ways, architecture, landscapes, dogs running with their ears waving through the air… (hihihi). I enjoy early summer mornings by the sea. Dive into...


50 / Woman / Divorced / Bogota


23 / Man / Single / Amsterdam


22 / London

I'm a writer and a fangirl, that's all there really is to know. Currently completing an MA in Screenwriting. I've closed my first book deal, which ... yikes. So yeah, writing has and always will be a huge part of my life. I also love reading, TV shows, film, theatre, musicals ......


33 / Woman / Single / London

Hi, I'm Zoe I am looking to meet friends in London and get to know new people. I am open to a relationship if I meet the right person. Feel free to get in touch as I have a full membership.


43 / Man / Divorced / Myrtle Beach, SC

Well... guess I can't message. I'm augustninja1816 on Instagram. Feel free to get in touch. INTJ; chaotic neutral; 420 friendly. Want to know more? Ask 🙂 I'm a reasonably successful creative professional and very passionate about my work and making things in general. In addition to writing, drawing, and experimenting with other...

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