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Nan Lubbers

23 / Woman / Single / Enschede


35 / Man / Single / Rotterdam

I'm cupioromantic, sex and touch repulsed hardcore antisexual (literal asexual). So asexuals in general are not anti-sexual or anti-sexuality. So, I am not interested in sex. I hate everything about sex. Sex is negative to me. I am old soul with little boy heart and man body. I’m very shy...


40 / Woman / Single / limburg


39 / Woman / Single / Rotterdam

My self-summary Physical location: Rotterdam, NL. I don't do virtual travel. You might be a fisherman, I'm not a fish. Casting the net hoping to catch a quality haul? That should work in actual fishing industry but hardly on a dating site. That said, no one-fits-all, copy-paste, or 3H ("Hi", "Hey", "Hello")...


33 / Man / Single

I'm a kind, caring and introverted guy that will often try to make you laugh. I'm also a huge animal lover and would love to add a dog or two into my life but I haven't yet because I'm away from home the whole day working in a laboratory. I...


28 / Man / Single / The Hague

Hey, how is it going? My name is Tom and I live in the Hague and study business economics in Rotterdam. Some of my interests are playing sports (especially football) and occasionaly some video games, going out, traveling, and making and listening to music. I like playing a bit of...


28 / Man / Single


47 / Woman / Single / Lage mierde

Al heb ik een leeftijd om te weten wie ik ben, toch weet ik het nog niet lang. (Achteraf is het er altijd al geweest) Ben een rustig persoon. Ben graag thuis. Rook maar drink geen alcohol.  


28 / Man / Single / Almere

I am Sriganesh, from India, studying in Enschede, Netherlands. I always knew that I am into guys, but just discovering myself as homoromantic . Even though I have been with guys, i never quite enjoyed it, for me sex is not the most important thing in a relationship,  I rather...


40 / Man / Single / Den Bosch


30 / Man / Single / Sittard


49 / Woman / Divorced / Terneuzen


51 / Woman / Single / Tilburg

Tom Van der Hoek

23 / Man / Single / Delft


28 / Woman / Single / Groningen

I'm a non-libidoid asexual and bigender, biologically female. Originally from Germany, I'm currently still living in the Netherlands where I finished my studies (related to science, medicine & business). After starting my first job in January 2022, I'm currently working from home. I'm planning to moveat least next year, maybe...


41 / Man / Single / Doetinchem


31 / Woman / Single / Amsterdam


50 / Man / Single / den


33 / Woman / Single / Apeldoorn

Ik ben iemand die niet zo'n apper is en graag met iemand in persoon praat. Toch wil ik graag online proberen om een gelijkgestemde te vinden. Ik ben rustig maar ik houd wel van iets leuks doen zoals naar de Bioscoop gaan, terrasje pakken maar ook gewoon lekker netflix. Verder...


31 / Woman / Living together

I'm a 30 year old Dutch girl. Currently I’m in a relationship with a guy but I would still really appreciate other ace people as I have non in my life. I am working as a teachers assistant for med students. I keep myself busy with mostly video games, dancing...


52 / Man / Single / Bath

Hi, I am Lucas, originally from the Netherlands and currently working and living in Brighton in the UK. I have been single for a while and recently discovered my asexuality. I am looking to make friends and ideally a long term relationship.


27 / Woman / Single

I just finished college (a masters degree in political science) and i am at that point in life where everyone around you starts living together with their boyfriend/girlfriend. For me dating is a little complicated since i have no interest in sex. However, i do want to find a nice...

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