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27 / Man / Single / Paris

Hello fellow aces! I'm Ridha and I live in Paris. I'm currently student but hopefully I'll be a teacher in few months! I'm looking to get to know more "Ace" people, who share some things in common with me (or no, it can also be good to discover new things!). I feel that...


36 / Man / Single / London

Im a mixed race asexual male living in London. I feel asexulity is completely right for me.


22 / Man / Single / Perth

Panromantic asexual I'm the quite laid back type.I'm always terrible at writing bios,so I'll  let the conversation do the talking instead.I don't have premium membership so if you want to contact me my kik is sac131.    


20 / Woman / Single / Belo Horizonte

I'm not membership, so find me at Instagram eduloiola84 and send me a message 😉


18 / Woman / Single / Beckley


49 / Man / Single / Los Angeles


26 / Woman / Single / Birmingham

I'm fun loving, somewhat immature and a little bit shy (mainly with new people and big groups). I love discovering new songs, and shows on Netflix - So send me your reccommendations!   My core passions are travel and creativity in all forms; music, theatre, art etc. I haven't had the opportunity...


20 / Woman / Single / City of London


28 / Woman / Single / Lower Silesia

I'm sensitive soul looking for real soul mate, love and pernament relationship, where sexual activites are not so important to create happy life together : )) I like to play and compose rock n metal music generes, sport, especially football and handball, like to study about cultural aspects around the...


30 / Woman / Single / vilhelmina

Hi my name is Susan, i am someone who dont want to have sex but searching for love, its quite hard to find it seems like so a friend recommended this site, i hope i can find love and friends here.i for some reason dont get many messages so please...

Sabrina Ali

25 / Woman / Single / Mississauga

I can be super sarcastic, but not in a rude way. I'm somewhat shy and hate to be the centre of attention. Doctor Who is one of my favourite shows, followed up by Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and now Hannibal. My pastimes include hiking occasionally, microblogging on tumblr, reading/writing, and thinking...


33 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Hello,  my name is Chris, nice to meet you acquaintance 🙂 Where to begin.... i like people, i like the saying about how it takes all kinds to weave the fabric off life. Been lucky to travel abit and get to see how similar and how different we all are Demisexual with...


27 / Woman / Single

Hey I'm cecilie i live in norway with my dog and two cats.I might not message you first since I am shy (anxiety) but if there is anything you want to know Just message me


20 / Woman / Single / Southern United states


28 / Woman / Single

I recently found a term for what I am- demisexual. I can't really feel attraction until I get to know someone quite well. I'm here for friends and romance without the pressure. I really like sci-fi, especially comedy and cartoons like Futurama and Final Space. I dream of building my own spaceship...

Daniel Rostand

52 / Man / Single / Santa Cruz de Tenerife

I was asexual for almost a year in 2017, then it went back to usual. I'd like to meet people that went thru same experience. I had the greatest inner growth during those months.


28 / Man / Single / Brooklyn

Ahh These dreaded things! Well A quick overview on me. I am a INFP.  I am a Field Sound Mixer by trade for 7 years. Safe to assume I have Excellent listening Skills! Worked in TV & Film for a total of 11 years. It is a great run. I...


18 / Woman / Single / Buenos Aires

I'm a rather introverted person, but I enjoy getting to know people from different countries and ages (I should state that I'm 17) and learn about their culture. That said, I like to have interesting conversations and exchange opinions about a variety of topics (which can be about anything, honestly)...


19 / Woman / Single

I'm currently at university trying to figure out what to do with my life. When I'm not panicking, I'm probably watching YouTube or Netflix. I love creepy shows like AHS and Bates Motel. I also watch Kdramas and anime occasionally. I go out drinking sometimes (what college student doesn't?), and...


24 / Man / Single / Brockton


19 / Man / Single / Lincoln

I like to think I am a kind person. People say I am quite eccentric and hyperactive. I enjoy gardening, playing guitar & ukulele and drawing. I would love to have a friend around to watch movies with. I'm not much of a party person and I don't do too...


30 / Woman / Los Angeles

I'm an introvert (that sometimes tries to act extroverted) and shy though I open up more as I get to know someone. I can be awkward and a little weird sometimes. I'm a heteromantic gray-a/demi (I think, still kinda figuring out where I fall). I like to read (mostly fiction), watch...


28 / Woman / Single / Alfenas

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