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27 / Man / Single / Lakewood


36 / Woman / Single

Hello my friend! I find it hard to talk about myself…let’s try, I always try to keep myself positive, have a good sense of humour and I see the world with a soul eyes. I like travelling, exploring new places, keep in touch with nature and music is very import in...

Harrie Blackadder

17 / Harrow

Hiya- I’m nonbinary actually; I don’t know why there’s no option for nonbinary on a lgbtqia+ website.. it’s all “woman” “man” “looking for a man or a woman” like- ?? I’m aro/ace! I live in Harrow, north west London and I love Doctor Who and Harry Potter. My dream is to...



Hey, I’m Faith, and here’s just a bit about myself. I’m an ENFJ-T (Myers Briggs), Episcopalian Christian, community volunteer, big sister, and a cyber research engineer for my company. I started suspecting I was an ace when 16, and became gradually more convinced over the years. Currently, I’m 24 years old. For...


49 / Woman / Single / Sacramento

Fayetina DeMatteo

25 / Woman / Single

¡Hola! I've noticed a lot of people have mentioned how bad they are at typing these little bio things, in my case, I'll probably just end up oversharing. Oh well, c'est la vie!   I'm an INFP, if you're into that sort of thing.   I consider myself to be a woman of many interests, ...


26 / Woman / Single / Berlin

Cat lover, Anime&Mange fan and like going out in nature. Not very romantic or social, but I still appreciate a meaningful connection to the people in my life. My native language is Arabic, for some reason there wasn't an option for Arabic when choosing the language. This isn't a full account, so you...


28 / Single

I'm looking for someone who is, one day, willing to meet up in real life and hang out. I would love someone to email with and maybe play video games with (such as a free MMO). I am a novice artist and I love to look at art, so exchanging...


29 / Man / Single


42 / Woman / Single

  • Hi everyone In brief I Value honesty kindness loyalty and compassion I like traveling,learning new languages, watching documentaries and i enjoy volunteering when possible and love all kind of animals


83 / Veronaxre


24 / Woman

I'm a freelance illustrator. I love staying indoors as much as I love going out and doing things with friends. From staying inside and relaxing, to going on long hikes, I'm down for anything as long as it's a fun experience.   I'm not looking for any romantic relationships, I just want...


42 / Woman / Divorced / Covington


31 / Woman / Single / Hagerstown


23 / Woman / Single / Rio de Janeiro


19 / Woman / Single


28 / Man / Living together / Boise, ID


28 / Woman / Single / Birmingham

Mattew Reynolds

33 / Man / Single / Halifax


44 / Man / Single / Wichita Falls, Texas

I am not especially pleased with the format of this site, so please consider contacting me via the same username elsewhere. Or, perhaps /twothirtyeight, on FB.. I cannot read messages sent via the site you're viewing this very text on.


50 / Woman / Married / Utrecht


27 / Woman / Single

I always dread writing a bio because I somehow always forget who I am and what I like when put on the spot, haha. To sum myself up in just a few words though, I'm nerdy, introverted, kind and sensitive. I am fiercely loyal with high morals and tend to...

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