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19 / Woman / Single


37 / Man / Single / Guadalajara

¡Hola! After years and years of confussion and not knowing what was "wrong" with me, one awesome day i read this article about demisexuality... it was like reading my life story. It felt so good to know that im not alone, and it still feels really good. I'm so happy that i...

María Elena Del Rio

32 / Woman / Single / Xalapa Veracruz

Me considero demisexual, aunque no estoy muy segura pues estoy descubriéndome. elena_gc08@outlook.com Instagram: elenadelrio05  

Kim M

30 / Woman / Single / Ottawa

I just recently moved back to Canada from the US.  If you're also in the capital region, let's chat! I love hiking, lazy mornings, and reading. I stay fairly active and am willing to try anything once... that's how my friends got me into scuba diving and aerial silks. Though I...

David Ponce

32 / Man / Single / Chihuahua

Hi, My name is David, I love Videogames, Music, Books and Movies. I would like to meet new people and chat for a while, Im not pro, so please send me a message by other way Insta: @davidponce07 What's app: +52 614 5404817


25 / Man / Single / Tuxtla Chico

Sandy Del Mar

23 / Woman / Single

Hi I'm Sandy. I love musicals, anime, manga, webtoons, comics, manhua, star wars and other geeky stuff. I have a little maltese which I adore and I like talking to new people. Hope I can make some new friends here.


26 / Woman / Single


53 / Woman / Single / Newcastle-upon-Tyne

E. Naomi G. G.

26 / Woman / Single

Esmeralda Caballero

22 / Woman / Single / Magdalena de Kino


21 / Man / Single / Yautepec

Soy estudiante de comunicación. Me gustan los idiomas y aprender nuevas culturas. Me gusta la idea de viajar a lugares inexplorados. No me cierro a nada. Envía un mensaje y...

Osvaldo (message me on facebook.com/osvo.alcantara.7)

26 / Man / Single / Mexico City (I am not premium so I can´t write anything about me please message on Facebook (alc.osvaldo) or Skype (os_icebear@hotmail.com)


27 / Man / Single / Acapulco

Adventurous soul, looking for an interesting girl, I like deep talks and random data. I live in Mexico, in a coastal, quiet and tropical town. I love to drink mezcal and cheap red wine. I'm a fan of sunsets on the beach and spontaneous trips.   Text me on Kik: @ManuelRadilla

Me in KCMO

57 / Man / Single / Kansas City

so recently )from the west coast originally from upstate new York   I do enjoy going out from time to time I like karaoke and just hanging out with friends Im not drinker but don't mine one that does As long as they don't get too crazy I hate babysitting. But I...


38 / Woman / Single / Baltimore

There is no need for the geek-nerd-dork debate. I am all of the above. I am a lover of science and language, books and music, cats and hedgehogs, comedians and poets, science fiction and fantasy, faeries and rainbows, gardening and cooking, musicals and role-playing games, anime and comics, tea and...

Sara Gonzalez

37 / Woman / Single / Xalapa


32 / Man / Single / Fort Worth

Just texted a friend asking them to describe me. They said "Oh God. Peter what are you up to now?" which I feel is appropriate. Go all the way to the bottom for a brief breakdown of my likes and bucket list and such! Otherwise read on for...


28 / Man / Single


23 / Woman / Single / QRO

Yeni Muñoz

21 / Woman / Single / Mexico City


28 / Man / Single / Ciudad de Mexico

Luis Pardo

42 / Man / Single / Distrito Federal

I don't like roleplaying. I don't like to pose. So I will not tell I like this or that kind of music/movies/books whatever. Most of our internal problems are because we are trying so hard to fit into a classification. So I quit. I'm a fucking human and I'm not...


44 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles

I am a free thinker and imaginative dreamer. Two of my greatest passions are history and travel. I have already been to the Caribbean, Mexico, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Belgium, New York and the East Coast, and other parts of the USA and grew up in the Midwest. ...

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