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44 / Woman / Single / Ghent


34 / Woman / Divorced / Ulan-Ude

Sorry, I can't reply here on messages. Text me in skype or instagram @alisaklov, please. I'm heteroromantic grey asexual or even totally asexual. Don't have any sexual desire. Need platonic love. Twice divorced, have 2 kids and am not going to have more. Please, don't ask how I made them if I'm...


50 / Woman / Married / Jacksonville

Chuyên Gia Soi Kèo

36 / Man / Married / Hà Nội


53 / Man / Married / lome

Daniel Rostand

42 / Man / Single / Las Americas

I have my own ideas, my own experiences, my own mistakes, my own thoughts, I am not a copy of anybody. Well, nobody can't avoid (including me) being conditioned by race, education, culture, and so many things, but at least I have followed the very core of my bones. I have...

John P Schindler

52 / Man / Single / Stony Brook

I have just re-upped on this site, I'm essentially a Gay guy with Intersex traits (Endocrine/hormone issues and internal bottom surgery at 2 years old). I have had multiple coming out experiences (Asexual, Gay, Transgender, and Intersex) I was married once & engaged twice, I run a few pages for...


28 / Man / Married / Vienna


33 / Woman / Single / Cincinnati

I live in Cincinnati, OH, and would consider myself an extrovert who loves doing things with friends, but also comfortable doing things by myself, like going to the movies- I watch all the Oscar Best Pic noms in the theater each year! I play a ton of tennis- it's a...

Deb the Demi

35 / Woman / Single / Dover

I identify as ace, but more specifically,  I am a sex-positive demi/gray flux asexual. I'm pretty easy going, but I am passionate about things I love, so I'm super protective of them. I am a praise and worship member and the website team leader for my church. I love to read,...


21 / Woman / Married / Portland, ME


37 / Woman / Married

Sarah McAdow

26 / Woman / Married / Nashville

In case you couldn't tell from the username, I'm polyamorous, and a demi-pansexual. I am married, but the wife knows and supports the poly piece of me, so I'm lying to no one 😉 don't worry! I'm a huge geek (DC over Marvel), an unashamed nerd (mostly Science), and always looking...

David Harlequin

28 / Man / Single / Cardiff

I am a confident, career-driven type - quirky, fun and probably a little insane…but who isn't!? Very sociable, but love privacy in equal measure. Obsessed with music and am pretty much married to it….work as a professional composer/pianist/musical director. Working to build profile and work with exciting contacts. Busy workaholic, but...


35 / Woman / Married / Austin


58 / Woman / Married

Nathan King King

39 / Man / Married / New York

To feel is to believe Testosterone Booster and Kartu Form


31 / Woman / Single / Helsinki

I'm an upbeat 30-year-old woman from Espoo, Finland. I work as a production manager in different tv-productions and I have mainly done reality and life style. My job can be quite stressful and hectic at times so I enjoy spending time at home reading and watching movies but I'm pretty...


44 / Man / Divorced / Springfield, CO

I'm an easygoing, sort of quiet person.  I grew up in Arkansas all my life, so I tend to like country music, camo, fishing, trucks, and all that other stuff you might imagine a southern country boy might like.  But on the other hand, I'm well educated and I'm a deeply committed...

Raymond Hockenberger

46 / Man / Married / Cedar Rapids


40 / Woman / Married / Cardiff


35 / Woman / Married / Syracuse

James Sway

36 / Man / Married / Manchester

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