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Malik seya

50 / Man / Single / Washington D. C.


41 / Man / Married / Washington, DC


41 / Woman

I am loyal, reliable and friendly, I am very empathic, curious, impulsive and open. I am very positive, but realistic. I am always very happy, easy going and I laugh easily, I am always in a good mood. I am ambivert and in real life I will be very shy at...

Viện Thẩm Mỹ Hàn Quốc

29 / Woman / Married / Ha Noi


37 / Man / Separated / Dublin

I was married, have children whom I live with. Im very spiritual, I have alot of new age beliefs. Im a nice down to earth boring chap that loves the simple things in life. I'd love to get to know someone on this website, age actually isnt important, its more...


29 / Woman / Single / Birmingham

Hi, I'm hetero-romantic asexual. I am not a full member so you can message me on skype. I am Indian but was born here in England in a Sikh family. I am more spiritual than religious. I like movies, music, food, drawing, reading, badminton, games etc. I'm not...


28 / Woman / Single / San Jose

I love creating things; drawing, writing, sewing, construction work, anything hands-on really. I don't take life too seriously, and I value optimism, honesty, and integrity. I love to look on the bright side of things and am pretty chill 95% of the time because of it. I can be kind of...


30 / Man / Single / Sydney

I have pretty wide range of interests. One day I'm deep into a documentary on netflix the next I am watching Rick and Morty . I can be quiet the paradox in that I like my sports (mainly tennis) but also like gaming and watching movies. I can be a bit...


36 / Man / Married / hà nội


51 / Man / Married / Porterville


33 / Woman / Single / Helsinki

I'm an upbeat 33-year-old woman from Helsinki, Finland. I work as a production manager in different tv-productions and I have mainly done reality and life style. My job can be quite stressful and hectic at times so I enjoy spending time at home reading and watching movies but I'm pretty...


34 / Man / Single / Minneapolis

Living in the western suburbs of Minneapolis with my rescue dog, Jackie.  I like staying busy with my side gigs including bartending at a brewery, photography, tutoring, and marrying people.  I’ve married 7 couples:). I love working out and staying active.  The gym and the kitchen are my two favorite...


63 / Woman / Married

paul thomas

76 / Man / Married / London


42 / Woman / Single / SW Missouri

I am Stacie (please message me on my username there is StaceAce). I am a virgin and I dont want to have sex ever. I am marriaged minded as I can not live with a man and not be marries. I dont smoke, drink, or use...


40 / Man / Married / Killeen

I don't judge and am a firm believer that people should have as much freedom as possible as long as it doesn't infringe on the same freedom of another.  This is at the core of all that I do and am, I am a fellow passenger on this ride through...

Sam aub

38 / Man / Divorced / Sydney

I'm Lebanese I was born in Lebanon but I have been living in Australia since I was 12 I'm a single dad so I was married before


31 / Man / Single / Fort Lauderdale

I´m a 31 year old extrovert. I studied International Relations and Political Science. I'm Currently stationed in Japan for a year, love biking, dancing either at home or in public, chilling at home, watching tv, reading a book etc I'm better at face-to-face conversations than at messages... Find me on IG: borjazza Kik:...


31 / Woman / Divorced / Sulphur

hey, all! im kaylie. ive been in and out of the dating scene since i was younger. even married and divorced. it has taken a very long time for me to come to accept who and what i am. being autistic i thought most of my feelings were tied to...

thethao fun88

30 / Man / Married / Hanoi

fun88 nhacaiuytin

36 / Man / Married / hanoi

Nick Morison

51 / Man / Married / Lausanne

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