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27 / Woman / Single


76 / Man / Divorced / brisbane

I am a pragmatic person and probably analyse things too much which is probably why I took too long to get aroused and why I found it more sexciting wrestling and boxing with my women, and it's amazing how many tough women are out there who can be a lot...

Mina Rose

24 / Woman / Single / Hertfordshire

Hey, ghoulfriends, I'm Mina! Part-time moon goddess, full-time sapphic ace jaw-dropper. Also, I write songs, books, and like wearing hats. I love making videos for YouTube, musicals, and gothic fashion ^-^ I'm not a full member, so please message me on FB, or IG:


64 / Man / Widowed / Temse

I'm a "man", but never lost the feeling being a "boy": young, curious & exploring ! (Peter Pan) Actually a sensible boy. I appreciate this as well from the other one 🙂 Hypersensitivity ? ... sometimes yes, sometimes no. "I care", I like to please in a simple way (like refined...

Leandro R F

45 / Man / Single / Limeira

Olá!!!... Sou um romântico a moda antiga, sou daqueles que gosta de dar flores e bombons... sou biomédico por formação e atuo como docente universitário. Gosto muito de filmes, séries, bons livros, animais, viajar, boa comida e bons restaurantes, uma boa conversa (sou um bom ouvinte). Gosto de dar e receber carinho......

Quentin Lambert

51 / Man / Divorced / Sydney


62 / Man / Single / London

I am an Italian guy living in London. I am loyal and do not let people down. During conflicts , I do not flinch, but I try to stand for justice even though it can be counterproductive. I like company especially at dinner in the evenings and watching films. I...

Steve Livesey

46 / Man / Single / Lincoln

I'm going to be honest with you all from the start as that is something that is important to me.  I've suffered with anxiety and the odd panic attack for many years and at one point in my life became Agoraphobic for a while.  I also suffer with Health Anxiety...


49 / Man / Separated / Sarasota

Architect practicing for way too long.  Avid tennis player.  Scifi and Fantasy and pizza enthusiast.  Love odd traditions.  Love making people laugh.  Amateur pilot in training.  Love board games, love going out to fun lunches. hmmm what else?


48 / Man / Divorced / Jonesville

Musician, Tattoo artist, INFJ, Asexual Unlike some asexuals, I know where my asexuality stems from. Maybe one day I'll be able to talk about it with somebody special. I work in the dental education field, and have a few hobbies such as music and cosplay. I've been thinking about starting a musical...


67 / Man / Divorced / Plymouth

I'm a youthful sexagenarian (not looking for sex, of course, which is why I am on this site). But what I am looking for is a loving & devoted partner, with whom I most definitely would gladly reciprocate. I love travelling having lived in France for well over a decade (I...


54 / Man / Divorced / Columbus

I am a nice guy journeying through life in Columbus, Ohio.  I enjoy things like: walks, riding my bike, hiking, camping, travel, good food, wine, weekend getaways, working around my house, landscaping, playing with my dogs, visiting the ocean, movies, and good music.


68 / Man / Grenoble

Comment décrire sa personnalité en quelques mots, forcément réducteurs ? Naturellement, je suis asexuel, ça c'est sûr, d'un romantisme "débridé"... Sinon, j'aime beaucoup les restaus, les bons vins et passer une soirée tranquille entre amis. Je serais plutôt un peu casanier même si je ne répugne pas à sortir. Et...


51 / Man / Single / London

I work in films, (stunts) and write scripts & Books, so enjoy spending a lot of time by myself, I'm equally introvert & extrovert. I'm a bit of a nerd.  


38 / Woman / Single

I'm a librarian and part-time Twitch streamer with two cats and an obsession with Transformers, knitting, fiber crafts, video games, science fiction/fantasy, and crystals. I'm a very shy INFP, but I love to talk about mutual interests and travel. It's my dream to one day be able to visit Japan...

David Palacio

58 / Man / Single

Dear Lady:  I am a Latin American, now living in Costa Rica, a down-to-earth, middle-age man, never married, with no children anywhere.  I am as much honest, reliable, and loyal, as I am a compassionate and an honourable friend. Ace-book  Paladin007


27 / Woman / Single / Cambridgeshire

I'm terrible at talking about myself but really, I'm just a geek haha! I have a cat called Ianto, I design and make costumes (yes including cosplay it's my passion), I read a lot of books and play a lot of video games. For some reason the site made me...

Lori C

54 / Woman / Single / Tonawanda

I work part-time because I love what I do, helping people with developmental disabilities, not to get rich.  I'm very low income, provide care for my father who has dementia, and live a very quiet life. Dogs are okay, but no pit bulls!  My dog of 17 years was put down...


22 / Single

I'm a bit of a weirdo. If you like someone who will almost always speak their mind and loves honesty, then i'm your type. I always have a dad-joke or a pun on hand, even though i am neither a dad or a comedian. People usually say I'm the type...


38 / Woman / Married / fukuoka

i’m nerdy. might sound aloof but i talk a lot when it’s about those my favs.   -robot anime; Gundam original, Gundam Z, Gundam ZZ, Evangelion original -videogames; mech base or FPS basically. Steel Battalion series, Darksouls series(including Demon’s souls), Bloodborne, Call of Duty series(except advanced warfare), Armored Core series, Halo series, Gears...

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