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35 / Man / Single

I am a theoretical physicist by profession (yes, I'm the Sheldon Cooper type but not that weird 😉 ) and have interest in music and photography among others. I am usually not very talkative unless the conversation is sensible/meaningful to me; then I don't stop talking. I am friendly and...


36 / Woman / Single / Benbrook


27 / Man / Single / Guillestre

I'm very very shy, so the first step is very difficult. Please contact me if you want to talk because I'm too much shy to be the first^^ I can be a very cold man at the beginning but please wait a little bit and I'll be a very nice and...


49 / Man / Single / Newcastle Tyne and wear


33 / Man / Single / New York

Recently moved to NY and new to this whole thing. I think I'm best described as 'demisexual'. I think relationships are the most important thing in life (with ourselves, others) and I'm looking forward to making my actions match my thoughts. I like meeting people different from myself, learning about...


31 / Woman / Single / Nice

Je suis passionnée par le sport et les voyages. J'ai une âme aventurière, limite casse-cou. Je suis toujours prête à faire de nouvelles découvertes culturelles, culinaires... Si vous voulez en savoir plus, il suffit de demander. I am passionate about the sport and travel. I have an adventurous soul, daredevil limit. I...


52 / Man / Single / manchester


24 / Woman / Single

I'm an introverted swede that prefers staying in watching netflix but might also like to go out and have a drink once in a while. I'm passionate about music, feminism and animal rights. I don't have full membership (and have no idea what kik is) so I can't see your messages but...


49 / Woman / Separated / Solihull

I'm into all the usual hobbies, you know, walking in the country side etc blah blah. I don't do anything particularly unusual but I do like exercising so spend most of my free time running or cycling. I also into building positive habits and productivity....


25 / Woman / Single / Sydney


29 / Man / Single / Seattle

I'm pretty laid back and easy to get along with. I love all forms of art and can talk about it pretty much endlessly. I draw and paint basically every single day and right now my main focus is to become as good of an artist as possible. By trade,...

alexia jennifer

25 / Woman / Single / Rome

Hi i am Alexia.i am a student.i love music,hanging out with friends,hiking,tattoos,piercing and romantic things.i want a romantic relationship except the sex part .i love vintage,clothes and furniture.i love the nature,the be honest i am bad at explaining things.


37 / Man / Single / Derby

Helen Smith

34 / Woman / Single / Westbury Wiltshire


32 / Man / Single / Calgary

I am a person, I enjoy many things. I quite enjoy my professional life. It can be a little bit feast and famine so i'm very busy quite often, but find free time in abundance once in awhile too. When I do have the time, I love to escape via...

Ash Flügel


  1.   I am gender fluid, and a pan-romanic ace. I am still figuring out what being ace means for me, but I am glad I came to this realization.
  I'm also a practicing gray witch, with a universal theistic view. I have my own candle business, and I...


30 / Man / Single / Woverhampton

I can NOT send or open messages because I have a free account so please message me on kik if you like, just let me know you came from here. kik: thestarlord88 Im a geek, I have graduated from uni. I consider myself a filmmaker, I would love to live in London...


36 / Woman / Single / Plymouth

Tyler James

32 / Man / Single / Milwaukee

(I'm in the middle of a social media purge, so you can reach me at [email protected] in the meantime) Recently discovered my (a)sexuality. Still coming to terms with it all, so bare with me. I love to read, draw, really into music (listening & playing), film. Science fascinates me. I love...


38 / Man / Single / Buenos Aires

I´m a very romantic asexual. I´m kind, gentleman, very well educated. Tall, handsome and good looking.


26 / Man / Single / Milan

tl,dr version: 26-year-old Italian economics student who likes memes / Inter Milan supporter / biromantic / ENFP Long version: I'm always in trouble when I have to describe myself (or whatever) through a few lines but I would like to start saying that I am fully satisfied with my life so...


30 / Woman / Single

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