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25 / Man / Single / Belluno

I think to be a simple person, with a little aesthete mania. I like drawing and reading (Stephen King is my hero). I love music, from reggae/dancehall to goa and tekno, which I prefer, but sometimes I enjoy to hear pop, rock, blues, skate punk, rap and 80's pop music,...


50 / Man / Jyväskylä


38 / Woman / Single / London

Liberal, vegan, generous, and at times perhaps a tad too blunt. Fond of humility, literature, picnics, history, humour, a wide range of music, authenticity, cats, dogs and animals in general. Not so keen on thunder storms, arrogance, reality tv, Tory voters, wasps, pretentious or judgemental folk.


23 / Woman / Single / Bratislava


28 / Man / Single / Guillestre

I'm very very shy, so the first step is very difficult. Please contact me if you want to talk because I'm too much shy to be the first^^ I can be a very cold man at the beginning but please wait a little bit and I'll be a very nice and...


58 / Woman / Divorced / Basildon

I'm a really nice outgoing person. I work hard and don't have much time to socialise, but love to chat online and make loads of friends. Not looking for anything sexual. If anybody wants to chat with me I'm on facebook: I will chat with anybody... My email address is:  


24 / Man / Single / Coventry

I try to be happy and full of humour at all times, life's too short to do anything less. I have a French Bulldog called Jaxx and he's my absolute world. I love to go out and drink socially, mainly pubs but occasionally clubbing. I also just love chilling out and playing...


33 / Man / Single / Rome, NY

Snapchat: shawn_baker87


41 / Man / Single / Portland

Homo-autochorissexual I believe describes my asexuality the best.  I’ve had some sexual relationships in the past but that’s not what I’m really into. Generally, I'm a bit of a mixture of serious & silly.  I enjoy uncommon words & common fonts.  I also really like certain video games, all roller-coasters, and...


55 / Woman / Separated / Isle of Arran


44 / Woman / Separated / Savannah


37 / Woman / Widowed / Shreveport

I am basically what I'm wanting in a man. However,  maturity is important but age isn't. Please refer to what I am looking for in a man and apply that to how I feel about myself.

Chris Cooke


I always hate filling these things out. I'm a heavier set guy, I've got a beard and a corny sense of humour. I wind up saying the lamest pun like jokes. I'm almost always well caffeinated, I drink a fair bit of coffee/tea/sports drinks, so I'm fairly high energy. I...


43 / Man / Divorced / Centralia


23 / Woman / Single / Lincoln

Biromantic ✌️


38 / Man / Single / West Hartford

Love to laugh and make others laugh. Specialize in dark humor.  Total nerd, can nerd out to just about anything. Caffeine and peanut butter addict. Music lover. Love all kinds but classic rock is my main jam. Love good shows and books of all kinds. Dog lover, have two goofballs....


39 / Woman / Single / Belfast

I'm a loner but I like company. People say I complain a lot, but I like to say what I think, a lot of people don't like that. I like holding hands, kissing and cuddling and that's it. Trust is massively important, as is talking. I'm really quite shy so I find...


38 / Man / Single / Nottingham


43 / Woman / Single

I would call myself normal and average about pretty much everything. A bit shy; can be sarcastic, sometimes even cynical - on rare occasions. I'm not very interested in walking on the beach or staring at the stars and those kind of romantic cliches, I would much rather go to...

Brian Weist

34 / Man / Single / Tarentum

I'm a music fan and an audiophile. I am also a vinyl junkie. I recently got back into vinyl and have been enjoying it again. I enjoy working on my own car. Driving and hanging out with anyone who wants to hang out with me.


45 / Man

I'm not much of a "going out" person, I like my quiet times. But I do hang out with friends in the park or go to a cinema (am a big movie fan). I'm separated for 10 years now and have 2 kids. Just found out that there are more people...

Grey T. W.

27 / Single / North Dakota

I'm an agender asexual.I am anatomically female. I understand that some people like sex and good on them, but the thought of squishing my genitals against another person's is repulsive to me. I've never been in any sort of relationship other than friendly before. I like to read, watch YouTube,...

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