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just me 😉

28 / Man / Single / somewhere in Europe

I'm open minded person. I'm looking for like minded person (female) for a conversations and travels. No problem if you are shy you just need a will to be talkative to me and a nice person. Age and experiences doesn't matter. You can ask me, if you wanna know more. Interests: Hiking, hillwalking,...


26 / Man / Single / Rio de Janeiro

Sou um jovem reservado, gosto de muitos carinhos, abraços, beijos e não ligo para sexo. É sempre bom ter alguém para compartilhar à vida. Amo ouvir músicas, eu canto também, amo ir à igreja, gosto de tudo que refere-se à comida, procuro levar uma vida bem saudável e sou formado...


31 / Man / Single / Flint

I was Independent, a self-employed truck driver got to be on the road and got to see the United States. I work still drive a truck but for a company now. Get to be home every night. I enjoy my job every day. Before truck driving, I was going to...


42 / Man / Separated / Sheffield

Originally from outside the Yorkshire Dales. Currently living in Leeds, planning to move to Sheffield in the coming months. Great interest in music of all genres. Travel - especially around Europe. Foodl home and out and about. Arts; Theatre, Cinema, Museums and Galleries.


19 / Man / Single



20 / Man / Single / Cambrid

About me eh? Well, I'm a life-loving chap looking to make connections with other asexuals - be it friendship or relationship. I've not been out as asexual for long and I've equally not fully grasped my sexuality for much time either - for me, I would love to find that...


22 / Man / Single / Beijing

Dancing is the first thing to me. Learning languages and making friends with people from all over the world are also fascinating. I am learning French as my second foreign language at the moment. My major is teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Therefore, it will be a surprise if you are interested...

Kevin day @ [email protected]

43 / Man / Divorced / Birmingham


25 / Woman / Single

Daniyelle Crawford

17 / Woman / Single / Oakley


24 / Woman / Single / Sydney



I very much believe that I am a Female version of Draco Malfoy. I am from Thailand, but currently reside in the United States working in the theatre. I'm a Costume&Wardrobe Artist as well as a performer and a director. If not at work, I spent most of my time watching...

Nikole Barton

17 / Woman / Single / Gilbert


34 / Man / Single / New York

Ellie C.

19 / Woman / Single / Chicago

Michael Johnston

45 / Man / Single / Toronto


21 / Woman / Single / Brooklyn


37 / Woman / Single / Northern Virginia

Hi I'm Susan (as you might have already guessed). Currently I work too much and I'm looking to balance things out. I work in graphics and video production. I have the best job ever (seriously) and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's for...

Jacob Finley

21 / Man / Single / Norman

He/them. Demiromantic(?) Ace. I'm a student at the University of Oklahoma, mathematics major. I like numbers, video games, and obscure quotes from long dead Vines. MbMbam fan, and pretty much everything involving the McElroy brothers.


18 / Woman / Single / Brussels

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28 / Woman / Single / London


28 / Man / Single / New york


27 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

I'm your not so regular 26 year old (or so I'd like to think!). Aren't we all told we're special? I am just in that race and search of trying to find the reason that makes me special. I work in clinical trials, have a start up I am trying...

Sandrine Dantas

20 / Woman / Single / Paris

Hey Sandrine, 19, lives in France. I'm a simple woman loving life and every moment of this. I'm working in a bookshop. Yeah i love books, writing, history and  stuff like this. Peoples say that I'm a great person with a big heart and good qualities. That's well speaking. Here is my...

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