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Micayla Hathaway

22 / Woman / Single

daniela ferrero

26 / Woman / Single / Zona Norte, Beccar

Lord Bandit

24 / Man

”I’m a genius billionaire playb…” Oh, wait… Sometimes deep and intense. Sometimes a simple man, enjoying the small pleasures in life. I love music, art and spirituality... And you ? My situation in the Ace community is fluctuating, and l question myself a lot. l love things such as romance, intimacy and cuddles....

Kira Lynn

26 / Woman / Single / Garden City

Louis Gyula Szabo

51 / Man / Single / Derby


22 / Man / Single / Perth

Panromantic asexual I'm the quite laid back type.I'm always terrible at writing bios,so I'll  let the conversation do the talking instead.I don't have premium membership so if you want to contact me my kik is sac131.    


51 / Woman / Single / Leeds

  After a long time thinking I was broken I've finally realised I'm 7asexual. I'm heteromantic and probably gray sexual/demi sexual. I have just come out of a 12 year relationship so am taking things slowly but am so relieved to have worked out what I am. I was diagnosed with...

wayne tew

35 / Man / Single / sheffield UK

Hi I'm Wayne from Sheffield in the UK. Im not going to write a long essay here has im not particularly great at writing stuff down off the top of my head lol. Add me on facebook if you like, kind regards.


38 / Man / Single / Cape Town


35 / Man / Single / New York

My interests include being outside doing anything, walking (lots of walking) and cycling, exploring the city and surrounding area, eating out (especially brunch), current events (I am a news junkie), some light anime or gaming, and sports (do not play, but follow a bunch). I love being out and about...

Red Cimpoesiu

31 / Man / Single / Hamilton

I have always know I was an ace since I was in highshcool would like to met someone else like me. I do plastering, drywall, painting, carpentry.   Facebook:  Red Phil Shaman


22 / Woman / Single / Tehran


21 / Woman / Single / Minneapolis

I'm just a student right now working on an English Education and Teaching English as a Second Language degree. I'm interested in foreign languages (specifically Deutsch and 한국어, but many more as well), though I don't speak a second language fluently yet. I haven't done a lot of traveling, but...


40 / Man / Single / Portland

Homo-autochorissexual I believe describes my asexuality the best.  I’ve had some sexual relationships in the past but that’s not what I’m really into. Generally, I'm a bit of a mixture of serious & silly.  I enjoy uncommon words & common fonts.  I also really like certain video games, all roller-coasters, and...


18 / Woman / Single / Houston

forgot all the shit I put on Tinder so i gotta actually think hard for more than 45 seconds hold on ✨ a bunch of rando info: •I really love Lady Gaga •I never stop talking about Captain America catching Mjolnir in Endgame •I love art & plan on ruining my life by making it...


24 / Woman / Single / New York

Hi guys, I try to update this profile as often as I can, so enjoy reading~ You can say I'm very eco conscious because I'm all about trying to live sustainably to help the environment and always down to geek out about environmental stuff lol. I love love looovveee vegan food...

just me 😉

29 / Man / Single / somewhere in Europe

I’m an open minded person. I’m looking for a like-minded woman for conversations and travels. No problem if you are shy, as long as you’re up for a chat and a nice person. Age and experiences don’t matter. You can ask me, if you wanna know more. Interests: Hiking, hillwalking, music, going on...


25 / Woman / Single

Super easy going person. I love to chill out and relax but also really love to go on adventures to see new places or do new things, a bit of thrill seeker. I love to get out and skateboard or bmx from time to time as well. Really just looking for...


28 / Woman / Single / Lyon


19 / Woman / Single


30 / Man / Single / Midland

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