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42 / Woman / Single / Northern Virginia

Hi I'm Susan (as you might have already guessed). Currently I work too much and I'm looking to balance things out. I work in graphics and video production. I have the best job ever (seriously) and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's for...


27 / Man

Sinon, je suis passionné d'Histoire, la musique et les voyages. Je travaille dans une industrie très “geek”, donc j’apprécie naturellement les comics, animes, Star Wars, la fantasy, les jeux… Je ne suis pas pour autant accro aux écrans. J’aime marcher, partir en weekend à l’aventure, me lancer des défis.... IG : french_watson


29 / Man / Single / Madrid

Me llamo Guille, soy de Madrid y tengo 29 años. Me encanta la música balcánica, Eurovisión y RuPaul's Drag Race 😀 No tengo suscripción y no puedo enviar mensajes. Dejo mi e-mail por si quieres contactarme: [email protected]


19 / Woman / Prefer not to say / City


26 / Woman / Single

I’m an illustrator and animator, love anything about art. Love music, nature, poetry, singing, reading,  and also a musical lover.   I can’t send or get messages here, so no need to request just drop me messages on: [email protected] please let me know you’re from here first, even better if you put profile link.


23 / Woman / Single / Virginia Beach


36 / Woman

Nice to meet you! Adventurous-Romantic-Gourmet.  I work as an international trader (export/import). I think I am a classy girl, who has good sense of humour. I am well-educated, and intellectual. Owing to my job I consider myself as a strict business women. Apart from this I am warm-hearted and passionate, kind...


24 / Man / Single / Tulsa

My name is Christian and I grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma, but I like the countryside and small-towns outside the chaotic city a lot better and always have since I was little. I love vintage jackets, working out (swimming, running, bicycling, calesthenics, yoga, etc.) I love the quiet life nowadays...


22 / Woman / Single

If you want to chat, I'm "Saphi" on AVEN, or you can email me at [email protected]


30 / Man / Single / Paris


48 / Man / Single / Fort Wayne

Just your average guy who enjoys great conversation and spending time with others, whether it's outside for a nice walk or hike, or inside with a bottle of wine and a good movie! I'm terrible at writing about myself on profiles, but I'm much better with chatting directly, so feel free...


34 / Man / Single / Edinburgh


24 / Man / Single / Madrid

I am a very shy, introvert person. I am not good at making friends or starting a conversation. I apologize for that from now on. It seems you cannot text your contacts here. I'll drop my email here in case someone is interested in talking to me: [email protected] I don't have any...


29 / Woman / Living together / brooklyn

just for the record I am a polyamorous nonbinary asexual who is also trapped in hell. did I mention I’m a tattoo artist? Feel free to DM me, I don’t bite. ;D


41 / Woman / Single / Liverpool

Fayetina DeMatteo

26 / Woman / Single

¡Hola! I've noticed a lot of people have mentioned how bad they are at typing these little bio things, in my case, I'll probably just end up oversharing. Oh well, c'est la vie!   I'm an INFP, if you're into that sort of thing.   I consider myself to be a woman of many interests, ...


25 / Woman / Single / Port Saint Lucie


30 / Woman / Single / Kent, Washington

Moved to WA in 2020 and spent the last 2 years working up the courage to finally start dating, so this is me finally giving it a shot! I spend most of my time at home with a nice cup of tea and my dog. Current hobbies are baking, sewing, and...


25 / Man / Single / Cape Town


23 / Man / Single / Denver

Send me a message! I'm extremely friendly and love good conversationalists. I'm a transsexual ftm, homoromantic demisexual goth guy. While I am asexual, I am willing to take things slowly in that department, not entirely opposed to it. Sex to me means less in a relationship than the romantic, loving connection with...


27 / Woman / Single / New York

Born and raised New Yorker. Hopeless romantic. Trying to navigate life. Feel free to message me on Instagram @reginakhlea


25 / Woman / Single / Lake Macquarie

I'm an introverted homebody who likes consuming as many types of media and artistry as I can. Movies, tv shows, anime, video games, youtube, music, art, dance, fashion. Anything I can get my hands on I will watch, listen to or be a part of. Some I try myself, some...


21 / Man / Single / Ha Noi

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