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20 / Woman / Single / Stavanger

David Dixon

30 / Man / Single / Newcastle upon Tyne

What can I say!? I'm really into games, especially retro games. My flat is literally full of retro gear that I've been collecting since I was 6! I'm a recovering addict, been clean since 20/02/2019. So that's ummm....yeah! Going great! I don't have a full membership so if you fancy a chat give...


23 / Woman / Separated

my email (can't PM) for more about me You can also PM on Facebook by looking up the name Jipsi Leigh Instagram @totallyrandomjipsi (I can't message on this platform as I'm not a member)


39 / Man / Single / Montreal

Je ne suis pas vraiment asexuel... mais probablement pas assez sexuel non plus (on dit "gray asexual" dans le jargon c'est ça? Je suis un peu nouveau dans le domaine...) Mes autres intérêts et aptitudes... et bien je suis à la fois plutôt geek ainsi qu' artiste. J'aime beaucoup toutes les...


25 / Man / Single / Basingstoke

I am a adventurer, playing video games, dnd and going out is all I want, favourite thing to do is sit in a chair on holiday, book in one hand, wine in the other and admire the great view Infront of me   I don't have membership, so just send me a...

Rob Williams

34 / Man / Single / Edinburgh

Luis Pardo

40 / Man / Single / Distrito Federal

I don't like roleplaying. I don't like to pose. So I will not tell I like this or that kind of music/movies/books whatever. Most of our internal problems are because we are trying so hard to fit into a classification. So I quit. I'm a fucking human and I'm not...


32 / Man / Separated / Birmingham

I'd better start off by saying I'm physically disabled (non visibly) and can't get about very well, not very outgoing, and autistic, just for full disclosure. I'm one of life's great cynics with a very realist outlook on the world bordering on nihilistic. I'd imagine I would be very hard to match...


38 / Man / Single / Victoria

My self-summary

Well....not really a summary but a mini novella....Please forgive my format but I must lay it all out there for you to decide - this is...


55 / Woman / Divorced / Minas Gerais

Não tenho conta, nem facebook, nem stagram, meus recursos tecnológicos são por e-mail e whatssapp. Se desejar conversar, saber algo, ... e enviar-me mensagens


21 / Woman / Single / Reims

I'm pretty easy going. I love to laugh and i'll be willing to talk about anything as long as we keep an open mind ! I'm a student to become a social worker (especially to work with disabled kids) ans I love it. And now I don't know what else...


28 / Man / Single / Davis

- I'm an immigrant from Russia, first arriving in the States with my mom in 96 - I have an Associates of Political Science from DVC and a Bachelors of Political Science from UC Davis - I work a lot (it keeps me out of trouble) and enjoy what I do in...


26 / Man / Single / Paris


49 / Man / Single / glasgow

Kinda quiet ..but have a cheeky side also..get on with most ...enjoy concerts, got a wide range of music walking about city's..and looking at the architecture..going up north Scotland , beautiful scenery.. Be great to meet someone..


53 / Man / Single / London

I enjoy music, reading, walks in the countryside, theatre, films and travel. I'm told I have a good sense of humour. I value my friends and family and am easy going.


31 / Man / Single / St. Catharines

Jack Godlewski

22 / Man / Single / Elgin

Madhu Yerra

20 / Man / Single / Amherst

I'm a college student at UMass and I'm still discovering my sexuality but I'm fairly certain I'm ace. I'm really anxious and physical contact is tough for me until I warm up to the person in question. I'm dorky and funny and love talking and listening to people talk.


20 / Woman / Single / Melbourne

About me: Ambition is definitely the word that describes me the best. Next year I will start to study physics and become a researcher in the future. I love to learn and collect knowledge, therefore I started to teach myself Swedish last year. In my freetime I read, hang...


27 / Man / Single / Wandsworth

If you commute on the Tube you may have heard me tell you to mind the gap. When I'm not UndergrounD I like to collect maps and play Scrabble, or if it's the weekend, spend the evening binging Spotify with a jack & coke.


52 / Man / Single / Montreal

I am looking for someone fun. Someone that will be my partner on every level (relationship, travel partner, business partner, cycling together, LOAO (laugh our asses off) together , etc. I am a positive person, very spontaneous and lots of people say I'm fun and funny. I have no clue why I...


35 / Man / Single / Guadalajara

¡Hola! After years and years of confussion and not knowing what was "wrong" with me, one awesome day i read this article about demisexuality... it was like reading my life story. It felt so good to know that im not alone, and it still feels really good. I'm so happy that i...

Yvonne Santos

30 / Woman / Single

I'm a southern girl from the states that, now, lives in Maine. I enjoy cold weather while sitting inside, and hot weather while relaxing on the beach. Very much an ambivert in my interactions with the world. A fat woman in a world that tries to cut her down. I remain...

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