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    So my fellow cheeseheads, how are you all handling the defacto “house arrest” scenario we all deal with now and the next forseeable weeks ahead? what do you do to keep your sanity with not much else to do or places to go?

    i was not working prior to the virus and the government advisory to stay home. i am looking for work and nearly had final stage interviews with 3 companies set for this week matter of fact, only to have all 3 postponed friday due to the issues at hand. now i sit and wait for them to get put back on my calendar.

    anyway….i live with my younger bro and his fiance just outside my hometown of madison wisconsin since i got back to usa from europe. until i know where job leads take me i cant really sink roots just yet. i have been doing home workouts yet in the apartment gym complex. practicing my italian more, reading more, taking a new online free course on coursera which is way cool i admit. netflix of course is a given. i also try and make 1 new scratch recipe of some kind each day. love to cook and bake!

    i have no kids, no wife, just me and my sibling and his sig other. they both work days yet so i have the place to myself 3/4 the week yet. eager to get out though! 35, single and unemployed and not having my own place is not cool… all.

    what you all up to these days to keep busy?

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