How do all ya'll make sure you meet your nutritional needs?

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    It seems like even though I’m a vegetarian I can still eat a lot of unhealthy food sometimes like chips and stuff. Does anyone here take vitamins or do the vegetarian food pyramid? How do you guys and gals get good nutrition? Any advice?


    I always look at what I currently eat and think of healthier alternatives or portion control! I love potato chips…I found Boulder chips recently and that’s my new obsession. I try to eat no more than 2 servings in a day, since I can eat an entire bulk bag in one sitting.

    What helps me most is having a meal list for the week or even for the month so I know I’m getting my fair share of nutrients. I sometimes even utilize the app MyFitnessPal.

    It’s really hard for me with dessert, I have a mean sweet tooth. If I need a chocolate/sweet craving to kill, I’ll eat one square of Lake Champlain’s dark chocolate & hazelnut..or no more than 2 squares of After Eight chocolate mints.

    I’d be more than happy to help you look over what you currently eat and suggest healthier options!


    Being Vegetarian, I’d definitely recommend taking B12, as this is quite hard to get enough from plant based foods (not impossible though) but its very important to not become deficient as it can lead to very serious forms of anaemia. The best type to take is Methyl – not cyanicobalamine, and consider sublingual or transdermal methods as apposed to tablets, as these enter straight into the blood stream..

    I personally think vegetarians and vegans (ones who don’t just eat soy products or other processed foods) are getting more nutrition than most meat eaters, purely because of the higher intake of fruits and vegetables, not only vitamins and minerals, but also phytonutrients and antioxidents which are evry important to optimal health.. For me personally, to make sure, I do take extra supplements, as many of the soils are depleted in minerals such as selenium, so even eating a healthy varied plant based diet, its still easy to become deficient somewhere..

    Try to choose supplements that have high quality food source nutrients in, as apposed to synthetic vitamins, and include lots of vitamin D.. A great source of info is Philip Day on this, or find a nutritionist who ypou trust to help advise you on getting what your body needs.. 🙂 Hope that helps


    I take a B12, an Omega mix, and a regular daily vitamin. I cook from vegetarian cookbooks most times and they usually try to balance things in those recipes. I also like to plan out a week’s worth of meals in advance and then write my grocery list based on that (and don’t deviate! That’s how what I call snack-attacks happen lol). It’s easier when you have it all written in front of you and you can realize you’re only buying veggies of one color, or skimping on beans, or what have you, and you can make small modifications or switch around which meals you’ll have on which days.

    My basic rules: take daily vitamins, make sure to balance a grain and a protein source every day, eat a variety of colors for veggies and fruits, don’t overdo it on the cheese (my weakness). Not too hard! 🙂 If you’re reading your grocery list and you feel guilty, it’s a bad sign.


    To be honest, I don’t really pay attention to what I eat. I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and I’ve had no problems. I don’t take any additional vitamins. I just eat what I’ve always considered eating normally.

    I admit I do eat somewhat poorly and unhealthily these days. I blame the fact that I don’t live with my parents anymore and don’t have my mum to cook for me and I’m a SUPER lazy cook. :’D I love cheese and I eat it more than I should, but recently I’ve been trying to eat it less. I don’t really like milk, but I’m trying to drink that more, too… (because I live in Finland I don’t get enough vitamin D in the winter) I take iron pills sometimes because I donate blood and get free pills every time. 😀

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