why ALL MEN CHEAT on Loyal Women

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    Tal Spek

    I will not even respect that link enough to open it. Saying that all men cheat is an insult not only to me (I will never want to cheat, sickens me), but also to my family (I know for a fact that my father, as well as other members of my family, never did and in his case, definitely never would) and to my friends (some of whom were cheated, none of have cheated). And I am not mentioning that this is an extreme and irredeemable form of sexism, offensive to everyone who identifies as a man or has any residual amount of faith in the human race.

    Cheating is not just men. It is frequently women as well. Who do these women cheat on? Probably on loyal men. Unless we are talking LGBT, which you have neglected to even think of in your title. Cheating has been attributed to married women in the bible, which means that there was enough of that to make laws for it.

    People who cheat are most often weak people. They may be generally weak, conniving, uncaring. Or they may have been going through a rough patch, and were comforted only by that one person, whom they later cheated with, as they developed an emotional connection. Or it may be something else entirely.

    Now, if you want to be a cynical and antagonistic person, have fun. But do not assume that there is one key to all men, that they are all the same, or that any one group is wholly capable of cheating. Especially not while claiming you are searching for the truth. It is a disgrace that someone can claim to want to understand things and people, and yet post such a generalising piece of hatred, the kind that usually only gets spoken by groups like Feminazis.


    The title is not at all literal, but refers to a question the author was asked by a woman at one of his seminars—he gives dating advice to men and women. It likely doesn’t translate well across cultures, yet it’s actually quite harmless and totally non-political dating advice.

    In his article, he attempts to differentiate between the minds of men who do not cheat (who he calls “Men” with a capital “M”) and the minds of cheaters (who he calls weak-minded males).

    In any case, the article is not what you thought it was, and it certainly wasn’t deserving of the strong words you used with Lena.

    Tal Spek

    I am sorry, this is my mistake and I did not mean to hurt anybody. I just feel very strongly about any such saying. I was confused by the title she gave to the thread and the lack of any other explanation, and have led myself to believe the views presented here match those in the title.

    I have read the article through now, as you indicated that I was wrong about it’s contents. The first half seems sort of similar to my opinion, that weak people cheat and worthy men and women do not. Fancy that, talking down on a person with the same attitudes as me, saying their attitudes are bad. I am really embarrassed now. How can I redeem myself of my former outburst?

    Anyhow, the second part seems to be an interesting reflection on what a real relationship is, and I find myself agreeing…

    Lena, I am very sorry for being so emotional about it, and reacting that way without actually reading what you sent. Will you forgive a person who does not deserve it? Will you absolve an actually-not-so-bad-when-you-get-to-know-him hothead like me?


    Although I’m not Lena, since I’ve been part of this thread too, I figured I should mention that it is admirable for a person to feel things passionately, speak with honesty and make apologies—all when the occasion seems to call for it. 🙂

    No Worries 🙂


    Its nice and refreshing to see a young person, apologize for their behavior, specially if they lost their cool and well, the ‘subject’ was taken on a personal level, usually, when a ‘subject that is being discussed has been part of your life, whether personal or familiar, like they say ‘it hit home’…well, usually people take it ‘personally, and outburst and misunderstanding usually happen, but, some people don’t apologize, and some few do and I can see this young person, is a caring person….after he calmed down and realized his outburst..

    well, in cheating, they call it the ‘ultimate selfish behavior and it doesn’t matter, men or women, cheat. SELFISH WOMEN AND MEN…..I truly believe that…because cheating involves, only what you want, want you need, you have to have it, and you don’t care who gets hurt, at the ‘moment’ you decide to cheat…..sure, maybe after, when you ‘come’ down of your ‘selfish’ rush….then you might feel ‘guilty’ but, you continue, until you get caught, or the other person gives you an ultimatum, or things get so bad for you, that you finally realize what you are going to loose…and you end it…BUT ONLY when you realize
    how ‘SELFISH’ of you to do this…

    but, always, its for ‘selfish reasons’…..because if it wasn’t a selfish decision from your part…..you would STOP AND THINK of the other people you are going to hurt by your actions….

    and from there…its a selfish game all the way….a very selfish, manipulation game…specially if the person, makes the ‘other’ feel, its your ‘fault’ I cheated on you…and yes, they have so many reasons they will put on you….’they know what you’re insecurities are and they go after them…and make you feel guilty that “he/she cheated’….NOT ONLY ARE YOU under a person who is selfish, but a manipulating and controlling person….yes, usually with one ‘nasty bad behavior, usually others follow…and its downhill from there, but at the end
    both parties are responsible of the outcome….

    But, like in all human relationships….some walk away, some stay and cope with the cheating…..some NEVER CHEAT…some maybe once…AND SOME A CHRONIC CHEATERS…

    but, its up to you, what you want to do with your part in the relationship…
    they only thing YOU must understand, is that YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE…..
    either walk out…and don’t look back…..stay and cope and help your partner…
    or expect that he or she will cheat again…..

    like in a relationship or any kind…..never forget you always have a choice…
    and you decide how you will be treated and by whom…..

    Cheating is part of the human psyche…some learn never to cheat and they don’t..
    some learn, to cheat and get caught, and learn their lesson,
    some, cheat, never get caught, and they continue to cheat, because they can, and get away with it, and never taking responsibility for their behavior.
    and its always a ‘selfish, conscious behavior.

    Its up to you Who You become…or who you ‘choose’ to share your life with.
    again, a conscious behavior.

    Stay true, to yourself..

    Ms Sylvie

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