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    I know it’s almost a cliche question at this point, but when you honestly attempt to self-reflect, what do you think the purpose of life is? Is there a universal truth, with various perceptions of that one reality, or, does perception=reality?


    I once was looking the purpose of life and finally came to the conclusion that simple life itself is the purpose. Life does not need to have a purpose to be. It is miragle and mirage. Universal question….which one was first, Chicken or Egg?! 🙂


    I know the “chicken and egg” thing isn’t supposed to have an answer but there is an answer, but there is, the egg came first. This isn’t my opinion, this is fact. It was on QI.


    To serve a godforce.


    I’m sorry to disagree with both of you Susanna & Tara. If the egg came first, then embryoes ( of all mamals ) came before their parents. Likewise, where was the first egg carried & half DNAs cross-linked?
    I’d Go with ‘Flow’, we exist to worship God & to Colonize our earth, as the most intelligent & civilized Living beings, by choice.



    I think you have to give your life a purpose. And it’s very different for every person. Some people find their purpose in helping others, others find their purpose in music and art etc.

    Tal Spek

    Nabiel, this is fact. The modern chicken is actually a descendant of a chicken-like dinosaur, which laid eggs. If we jump thousands of years, we will start with a dino laying eggs, and gradually it will be more like a chicken, until there is an era where the genetic makeup and everything about the species will be within the border of what is considered a chicken. And these would have come from eggs. Eggs laid by not-yet chickens.

    We have no externally applied purpose at all. Nothing that is meant to be our goal or we were made for. Never did and never will. Not as a species, not as individuals. The only purposes we have are applied by society, loved ones, and our selves. And the only purpose that really does matter, the only one that is really ours, is what we strive to do. Our chosen goals are the only ones that really do matter.


    The meaning of life is survival. From Evolution to Nirvana to Christianity, each and every one has but a single, common theme, and that is continued existence one way or another. Plain and simple. Not really all that profound, but it is what it is. But I do have to disagree with you, Spek, because we are capable of failing survival.

    For the first time in history, we are capable of understanding, manipulating, and destroying entire ecosystems, formerly held aspects of science that were thought to be only in the realm of God, and even our very selves in ways no one from the past ever could. But we have forgotten some very important lessons. Those who would destroy the whole planet and everyone else for the sake of themselves have risen before and will rise again, and as time goes on, we will get better and better at it. Eventually, we will be faced with the choice of destroying ourselves, or changing the very foundation of humanity. The only question is, Which will we, as a collective species, choose?

    Tal Spek

    Ian, I completely agree with you on the level of the species. I actually could not have said it better. So, just to be sure my first post was understood correctly, I will clarify:

    All of what I said was about us as people. On the individual level, even life itself, survival and continuation are not our purpose. Each is so different, that there is nothing in common. Only when we look at the whole species as one body, does this purpose emerge.

    To recap: I think each should make their own purpose, which is completely individual and unique. I also think the species as a whole strives to survive.


    I believe our purpose, each of us as individuals, is to worship our creator. I believe there is a way we are to do this collectively, i.e. prayer/recognition/remembrance, and a way we do this individually – through what we do in our lives. Anything we do in accordance with our creator’s intention, that which is beautiful, is worship. Anything which defies this intention is derision, arrogance, and ugliness. The ability to either concede to or defy our purpose is what makes us truly conscious – it is the substance of ourselves, I believe.

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