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    Thoughts on David Icke’s theories of reptilian hybrids, reality, and the 13 bloodlines?


    When I watch him speak, I find myself getting drawn into the whole idea of it, it does seem to make sense, there clearly is a lot wrong with the world, and he explains it away with the illuminate bloodline story, and the symbolism (which I do see everywhere)

    But then I go back to my life, and reality, and think it about, and think “nah.. it’s all too far fetched” I think it feels good to have answers, and something/someone to blame for all the bad things in the world, and that’s why we’re so easily drawn in to ideas like those of Icke.. I find him enjoyable to listen to, as I think he is sincere with his message, but in reality, I don’t buy it, not the whole reptilian thing anyway.. maybe there are some truths in what he says, but I think he ran a bit too far with it 🙂

    Dave J

    Your resident thread necromancer here….

    I think he does come off as a bit strong, and somewhat of an anaarchist at first. However, the more I listen I realize he’s just advocating first awareness then action, the right kind of action. Not ‘pitchforks and torches’ action, but rather I think he’s trying to inspire us to reach for those positions where can make a difference, and if we’re listening and already in such a position, we can still make a difference without bringing about the apocalypse.
    The particular speech I’m thinking about actually starts off with discussing how chaos and anarchy is actually equally as destructive, as only a few people will be in a position to survive an apocalypse, who, even if they start out with good intentions, may bring about the same (or actually much worse) order we’re trying to fix.

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