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    I don’t mean little green men, I mean life on other planets. If there are more planets in the universe than there are grains of sand on all of the earth, are people still going to be ignorant enough to assume that ours is the only planet with hospitable conditions?


    I definitely think there is a universe full of life around us. Humans use only 25% of the rods and cones in the retina, so it’s quite possible there are life forms that just aren’t visible to our eyes. I also think there are other dimensions connected to earth and well as other planets and stars. If we have an open mind and peaceful intentions, perhaps some day we will meet advanced civilizations from other parts of creation.


    Hello there… far as I can understand this life..and the world we live, aside from my own ‘paranormal’ experiences, I am positive there is
    other intelligent life, out there…there are so many things us humans cant
    understand yet, so many mysteries in life…its inpossible to believe that
    we are the ‘only’ ones in this vast universe, for all we know, its endless
    and therefore we are just another lifeform in this vast space and time…

    I hope that in my lifetime…we actually make ‘contact’ again…and that
    they return so we can ‘advance’ once again..iam a avid fan and believer of
    Xfiles, and now Anciente ALiens….we cannot deny what is left behind from our ancestors….I don’t know why todays humans, cant ‘accept’ or believe that there are other ‘lifeforms’….our ancestors did, they lived among them, learned from them, and where not them, they were ‘gods’…so, WHY ARE WE SO SKEPTICAL?….AND SO AFRAID?…….

    well, that’s my view on this subject…I have to many ‘experiences’ not to believe that we are ‘alone’……



    I think the question is “will they come in peace” rather than “will they ever come to earth again”.
    Looking at humanity there are a lot of things we do wrong, just think of racism, sexism, trans/homophobia, murder, rape and torture. What will another species think of us? We kill mother nature, eat or fellow friends (animals) and kill ourselves. Sure, there are good people out there but let’s face it. Our race is brutal and we might even kill the aliens when they arrive.


    even though its silly to think that if we ‘ever’ make contact, and ‘Aliens’ decide to show themselves to us, we ‘humans’ probably would
    react just like in the ‘movies’…start ‘shooting at them right away…LOL..not so always..just look at our history..not so
    ‘peaceful are we?…iam pretty sure that if they ‘exist’ they ‘monitor’
    us and see all the violence and all the wars and the endless violence
    that we are doing to each other…if I was an Alien, I too would never would like to ‘visit’ such a violent,uncaring, and hypocritical race!!!

    I rather ‘cruise’ right over them, and ‘moon’ them or flicker them off, as I zoom thru their skies…….LOL…hummm
    probably they do that already…and then, we wonder ‘why” they never ‘land?……LOL…..


    Tal Spek

    Who is to say that the aliens think we are brutal? Perhaps we are just about normal for a sentient race. If it is true that we are normal, that is very sad. But it might be the case.

    Also, who is to say that they think we are sentient? We might be nothing but ants to them, which will make them disregard us.

    By the way, I have never seen any strong evidence to ancient astronauts. Could you explain to me why you believe what you do?


    THANKS fpr your question…well, I believe in Ancient Astronauts, because
    if it wasn’t for all the knowledge, or “History” we wouldn’t have all the stuff we have…History always repeats itself, but we don’t see it that way, because
    we don’t care to, we think that whatever is going on today, is something new..but it never is…its only modified, or changed, or just a better, idea of something old….everything we have today, came from an idea from the past….there is no denying it….we learn from our history…because that is all we can base our failures and successes, on the past…that is how we do better things, and things that makes us go ahead….from our past….one must ‘read’ a lot and really get into the subject if you want to find out about ‘ancient astronauts…but, nothing becomes ‘real’ until you ‘believe’… must really ‘believe in something, before we can believe in it, or think its real…its really up to each person..

    and, well, I think, Aliens, have always been drawn to the way we look…if you read about these things, and why, in most beliefs, they say ‘they’ created us,
    is really a basic need….they found us ‘attractive’ different to them….and well. if you believe…then there are many ‘theories’ that you can find to make your ‘belief’ become a reality…..all I know. from ‘my experiences’ is that there is something out-there’ more in ‘awe of ourselves, a higher power, that has been ‘guiding us’ helping us evolve and advance thru time and space…
    but. like I said, this is my personal belief…..based on my experiences and knowledge……I am not saying iam right or wrong…or that anybody is…we are all entitled to believe in whatever we want…is called ‘free will’….and the beauty of it…when we ‘exercise it’ and don’t ‘conform of what the ‘masses’ want you to believe……..its all up to you…..

    thanks for asking!!


    Tal Spek

    That is a very interesting belief with a very interesting explanation. I liked what you said. But that leaves me wondering… What made you believe? How did you discover that you believe, what happened that ‘converted’ you to believing in Ancient Astronauts?


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