How are you connected to transpeople?

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    In my case, I am partially transmale, but I do have a weaker, but vocal female mode and consider myself gender fluid overall. An old high school friend told me she is MTF and plans to transition. We became close and even discussed trying to have a future romance, but any time we start discussing details of getting together I pull away. I have always resisted having romantic relationships, wanting close friendship instead.


    Well i am a somewhat boyish girl born in a male body. Planning on full physical transition, though not sure about changing how i present too much. I’m actually almost 4 months on HRT, but still present as boy, altough everone knows i’m genderdysphoric and i already changed my name on all social media.

    Because of who i am i am an outcast among trans people though.

    But yeah obviously i’m transpositive ^^


    I’m about to start HRT for FTM this summer once my insurance changes over, but I’ve been planning to do it for years now since the physical dysphoria reached its peak. Sadly I don’t know anyone else – except friends of friends – who is transgender. But my family and friends are incredibly accepting of the changes – it’s been the aro/ace concept that’s been harder for them to understand.

    If anyone has any recommendations on the transition process (I’m also planning on top surgery when my insurance allows it) I’m always looking for advice.


    Gosh. If you want someone to talk to, i’d love to. But since i’m MTF, i’m not really informed about FTM stuff.


    I’m a trans guy, been on HRT for several years and had top surgery. I’m pretty new to the site and happy to have found trans/trans-friendly aces.


    Hello all. I’m Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Lesbian, Entirely Asexual though I have on the rare occasion fallen in love with a best friend who I was intellectually and emotionally deeply connected to so at the time Demisexual. I came out as trans in the late 1990s among my Gay and Lesbian friends who told me that isn’t a real thing. In 2003, I started therapy and HRT.

    At that time in history there was almost no real support system or insurance. I found a therapist and doctor who conformed to WPATH required living in the target gender for a year before signing the required two letters for surgery.

    I was working in the IT division of a bank in Ohio and sent a letter to HR notifying them of my intention to change my legal, social, and medical identity to female in Spring of 2004. So, I started living full time everywhere else in life, then went full time at work May 20th of 2004. I had SRS as we called in with Dr Toby Meltzer in Scottsdale, Arizona in August 2006.

    I had thought the worst that would happen, aside from losing all my friends and family, was that I would have to start my career over, work my way back from the bottom as a certified Technician or programmer. Instead, I watch as my entire life went up and flames and ash. I discovered that my education, skills, experience meant nothing.

    So, I had to reinvent a new life without friends or community.

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