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    January 1st, 2014!

    The countdown begins, let’s hope they don’t push the date back even more, Moffat.

    Anyone excited?


    So excited!!


    So many years for three episodes…. I’m excited, yes.


    What did everyone think of season 3?

    I didn’t hate it… But it wasn’t very good. Maybe it’s just been too long? Sherlock was different and the whole vibe of the show was different. Almost like a parody of itself. There were definitely moments I loved, but it just felt off as a whole.

    I hope we don’t have to wait 100 years for the next season!

    Haley Froehlich

    I didn’t like Mary very much. She seemed like kind of a selfish person. But then, John seems to be attracted to that. It’ll be nice to eventually see her die. (Assuming they stick to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s end for her.)

    And well, if Sherlock was different, that does tend to happen under the kind of stress he was under. It’s understandable. It does make me miss the beginning, though.


    Alright, I’m late to the party but I wanted to toss up an opinion. (Feel free to disagree!)

    I liked season three, for a few reasons. While it’s true I don’t think ep1 will age very well, it had to do a lot of work. It needed to explain, without too much detail, what Sherlock did for his absence… what John got up to and where the rest of the Sherlock characters were/what they were doing. The case didn’t get a lot of attention, because the show is about a detective… it never promised to be a formulaic crime-show.

    Another reason I fell kind of hard for season three? We get a season from Sherlock’s perspective. It changes the feel of the show because previously we tended to get John’s perspective. (We get loads more screentime where Sherlock is doing Sherlock-y things… and we get to see the inside of his mind palace.)

    “So?” You say,”We got to see the mind palace in Hound of Baskerville.” Maybe. But it’s evolved since then. A lot.

    *End tangent.*


    I’m so excited for the new season that airs in December! I already have plans to cuddle with a friend and binge watch it all~

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