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    I have this idea that just like the theory (or is it a scientific fact?) when you’re infected with that toxicplasmosis parasite it then causes you to Looooooooooooove cats to ensure it’s survival. So maybe there are more parasites that then control other human extreme likes and dislikes to ensure some other survival. I can only think this is the case when one is completely nuts supporting racism and hatred and intolerance of anything different than themselves. I have a friend, who for all intents and purposes, should not behave like this, she’s reasonable on every other matter, is highly educated, comes from a very open and kind family, yet spouts the most ridiculous religious and political fervor filled with hate, it honestly does not make any sense other than she has been infected with some kind of mind altering Nazi parasite, vehemently defending hateful weird bs and things that are completely untrue, such as Fox news sound bites. Her background and upbringing do not at all give rise to this behavior, nor does her job, peers, friends or family, nor community. She does not appear to be mentally ill, doesn’t drink or do any drugs. None of it makes any sense how she has become this way. It’s so hateful and unnecessary I don’t understand and can no longer tolerate it. Just thinking about it makes me want to cuddle my cat :).

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