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    I talked on skype with a guy just randomly and it came up that i was asexual and he answered why and said he didn’t have much sex lust either, well he asked me if he had a shot on me and i said if u OK if he was ok in being faithful without sex then i would be willing to date him, then he answer being faithful is no problem but i want the sex, and then i was like no then i will keep on searching then he said yeah unfortunately for u then i said no i can find someone that accepts me for me and its probably more unfortunate for you, then he said well love without sex is just best friend to me.

    I found that last comment so mean and hurtful and i have hard to let it go. Why are guys so narrow minded and love has no strength without sex.

    Plus i blocked his ass.

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    Alicia Smith

    I HATE it when people say that! People assume that sex is love, but it’s not, it’s lust…if they have to have sex to feel loved, then they have issues!


    Whenever someone says something like that, they are probably just doing it to be manipulative. If you leave the situation feeling like they tried to shame you, or in some way use your emotions against you, then you can be pretty sure that the words they said were only about manipulating you (and might not even be the truth). Probably the truth is that he values love independently from sex, but doesn’t want to admit it.

    I’ve noticed that sexual people often have sex to soothe their emotional problems rather than deal with their sad or negative emotions by facing them. Therefore if they don’t get sex it’s like going off of their painkillers. Of course that doesn’t make it our responsibility to put out. It’s their responsibility to face their own emotions, but I think it makes it difficult for them to have love without sex, because it ravages them emotionally.


    I view sex as a desire…just like a ‘desire’ to eat chocolate, or desire to go dancing…..I mean, it you don’t desire it…or cant ‘have it…nothing happens..
    you just don’t…and that’s it for most men, they are taught, wrongly of course
    that ‘sex is love’…..and women, unfortunately, that love is sex…just the opposite….but, nothing happens to you, or your mental state, if you don’t want or desire ‘sex’…look at the nuns, or monks or celibate people….they just don’t care for sex, don’t want it, don’t need it…plain and simple….

    some people are better off just having ‘a platonic’ relationship…wich only the ‘romance’ is alive, the cuddling maybe, or holding hands…the love for the others person is much there, but you just don’t ‘desire’ that person physically…
    so, being in love doesn’t mean you have to have sex….ro most of the population that’s the way it works….and just like in anything….there is always a small amount of people who are different or don’t have the same needs or desires…

    whether you want to call yourself, asexual, or celibate, or even strange or weird..that is who you are….and in this world, some people will like you for it, and some people will find you weird or strange or even disbelief that it could be possible….that you don’t want or desire sex…but, like I said.
    in life, there will always will be people who are not in the majority and remain true to themselves…..and take the risks of being called an outcast, strange, different, weird, asexual, or celibate…we all need to keep respecting the differences within ourselves, learn about what makes people different, and accept them, as who they are…and if you cant find It in yourself, to accept this person as they are…just keep on walking unto other things, and don’t criticize, judge or be rude…and for those who ‘meet’ such a person, in your life, who cannot respect you, or even understand you, feel lucky they only stood enough time in your life, to see they cannot or are capable of respect or understanding you and accepting you as you are. People like these, will never bring anything positive in your life and you will not change them. just keep being who you are, do whatever makes you happy, allow only those persons in your life, who respect you and accept you as who you are without trying to change you, coaxed you into doing anything you don’t want to do…..stay true to yourself, and be happy with whom you are…..and the life you chose to make you happy….

    stay strong!

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