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    It’s weird, but I would cuddle for hours on end. I would be totally happy with that, and yet I can’t find anyone who feels the same. It’s always…let me grab your tit Clare….Clare let me fondle your downstairs….

    I just want to meet someone, cuddle with them…and fall asleep to their heart beat.


    Yeah, I can relate to it, although in my case it’s kinda conflicting:
    – homoromance – I want to be cuddled by a much older man who is a better version of me in every aspect possible, to feel myself protected and accepted as I am; and this can even cause some sexual reaction in me (but no desire to actually have sex)

    – heteroromance – I want to cuddle a girl smaller than me to give her protection because that would help me feel a better and stronger person

    Unfortunately, as you can see, it’s pretty egocentric, too much “I” and “me”, and I still haven’t found out how to work on this psychological issue (if it can be changed at all).


    I have the same feeling as you. As a man I would love to cuddle for hours without having sex, but I guess it is not that easy to find like-minded people.


    For me I have always felt like I was missing something growing up. Logically I knew I was related to my family but there was no deeper connection than seeing them everyday. When my parents divorced I took upon myself the role of protecting my family and now I’m older I know that has affected me. I can’t not be a strong person but to have someone that I trust be there, to know they will always be there and have my back, to not deny or mock my weaker moments and hold me if I need a cuddle? Sex is an activity to exert energy that stands out to people, intimacy is the quite little moments people have with each other where the rest of the world doesn’t matter.


    Hi Clare:

    Asexual cuddling and snuggling project the power of emotion without being emotive. To refrain from the impulse of pursuing anything more is the null. It takes patience and relaxed intensity to cuddle for hours. As we define our roles as asexuals – hetero-romantics – in particular we need to distinguish between attraction and romance.

    I love cuddling and snuggling for hours without the desire for anything else. However, since asexuals are not of this SEXUAL WORLD, we find ourselves alone in a heterosexual world that would rather do everything but cuddle. With me cuddling, snuggling, holding hands and in special moments kissing are the principal things.

    Hang in there Clare – you’ll someone to fulfill your wishes and when that is confirmed you’ll feel euphoria.


    I love cuddles and romance but physically feel nothing when it comes to sex. Before I knew about asexuality I was having sex in exchange for love obviously that never works so I’ve had some pretty traumatic experiences, especially with one guy who is actual psychopath and one of the traits in psychopathy is sex addiction.😖
    Dated once more after that but have been single ever since for around 7 years. It’s nice to know there are people like me so I don’t have to force myself to do something I don’t want to.

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