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    Laurie. as we aged we found we were less interested in sexual activity and we found ourselves doing more physical things like wrestling where our bodies were still having a lot of contact, she decided she liked boxing cos it was more skill than strength, we boxed on a weekly basis and we would stop if either wanted to or one went down, she was a good boxer, only occasionally we went hard at it but mostly we just played


    One day she said she reckoned she could beat me in a real boxing match, so she arranged for us to fight at her house a week later at 10.00 am. I arrived and she only gestured to what she wanted, she was deadly serious about this fight. I set up the microwave as a timer, 3 minute rounds and 2 minute breaks. When the first bell went she didn’t step up but strutted back and forth showing me her muscles by flexing them and threatening me by shaking her gloved fists at me knowing full well her antics and bouncing boobs would arouse me and upset my concentration and by the end of that round I was hurting a lot cos she had easily driven some very hard punches into me, very cunning woman. She went down once in the next few rounds but I went down 4 times, in the 5th round she king hit me and won the fight by knockout. She had her win for gender equality, things settled down then for awhile.

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