Any Red Pill, Rabbit Hole Dwellers or WannaBe's/Neo's?

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    I bought a DVD copy of this over a decade ago. It’s called “What the Bleep Do We Know”. I’d like to share this with everyone who hasn’t seen it or hasn’t seen it in years (like me, no excuses, I own it), those who might need a refresher (I did, I did). There are a lot of bizarre realities going on in the world presently, anyone here wish to deny that? Bwahahahaha! The Movie/documentary, starring Golden Globe winner, Marlee Matlin and co-starring Elaine Hendrix, Barry Newman, Robert Bailey Junior, John Ross Bowie and Armin Shimerman (my favorite Ferengi, Quark). I suggest watching this sober AND under the green medicinals in all their varieties. Do both but at two different times of course for the best results 😉 If you have a great sense of humor, prepare for your funny-bone to be delightfully tickled and at the same time have your third eye poked relentlessly. Enjoy the FREE show and share it with everyone even if they reject it. Planting the seed is enough.
    P.S. If you’re an older fart like me, wear the extra protection while viewing this movie. I’ve worn out my laugh muscles over the years. My personality plus cannabis, it was bound to happen. Bladder control is one of the first ones to go.
    There are a few “R” rated dialogue and short sex/partial nudity scenes/adult content. This isn’t a family movie for the wee little ones. But it’s a darn good one to gift them later on!

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