Which Death Affected You The Most?

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    I know that this is a heavy topic, but the answers and reasoning behind them say a lot about the person.

    Personally, I found Fred’s death the hardest. Throughout the books, he’s mostly there for comedic relief. Even when others were down or out of it, he (and George) went out of their way to say something to cheer them up. In my mind, his death was an example of how much happiness and joy is lost in war.


    hedwig’s. definitely. she’d been there with us since the very beginning… and also i never would’ve expected her to die, and ALSO her death was so sudden? idk, i felt like she deserved better.

    also, dobby’s death. also also, remus and tonks’.

    …god, there was so much death in this series – i forget, sometimes. >.<


    Snape’s. Even though he could be so mean he was my favourite character


    A tie between Snape and Fred.

    Fred because he was simply just such a source of joy to everyone, myself included. His death just made everything so grim, especially as George isn’t himself without Fred.

    And Snape because, well… I just feel as though he and Harry never really got to bond at all. I just feel really sorry for him, and all he’s been through. And also all he’s done for Harry.


    Sirius and Snape. The first one because when you had a piece of hope for Harry to have a true family, it’s messed up. And Snape because he’s revealed as the most complicated character, with strong principles but he does whatever is necessary. Serious but unpredictible, the best spy ever.


    I think dobbys got me going the most, although freds definitely did as well!


    Dumbledore’s hit me hard.


    I will never forget the distinct memory of sitting in my room and reading the chapters that lead ultimutly to Dumbldores death, and the funeral that followed which had me tearing avidly into the sixth book. For me he was figure of strength and support in a wizarding world that was slowly dwindling under the effects of voldemorts regime. I loved the ways in which Dumbledore spoke, his effect whenever he entered a chapter and the lessons he had been teaching harry about destroying the horcruxes, I grew to love his character and his death was the most painful for me.


    Dobby hit me really badly. I just… I had to put the book down for awhile after Dobby died, it really hurt. He was so… loyal, I guess? He never wavered or hesitated in doing whatever it took to help Harry and keep him safe, though sometimes a little misguided in his actual methods.

    Dumbledore also hurt a lot, but I was far more hurt by the emotional turmoil Dumbledore went through in the cave than by his actual death. He was so vulnerable, so laid low. Even in death people aren’t as stripped bare as he was by the potion in the cave. Oh boy, I’m in pain just thinking about it. It also hurt and felt really freeing to see him more complexly in the Deathly Hallows, because he wasn’t just the hero, the teacher, the guide. He made mistakes and he was sometimes very selfish, and completely fallible like very other person.

    And then Fred hurts me so much more, after more thought and processing and deeper understandings, than it did when I was actually reading it. I have Tumblr to thank for that, since so many people there are so very good at meta.


    Oh, also I’m super in denial even still about Sirius’s death. He was my favorite character, and everything was so abrupt and there was no closure so I just sort of pretend it didn’t happen? Like, not actively, but I just don’t think about it ever because it’s better to just let Sirius still be alive somewhere.


    So many good characters died, but the dead of Remus and Tonks gets me the most. They were my favorite characters (Remus especially) . Then one moment they were going to fight and the next Harry discovers there deadn. I read that scene and I couldn’t help but cry. And just after they had Teddy. I just needed a happy ending for them.


    I remember completely bawling my eyes out when Dumbledore died – I was inconsolable lol. I can’t even say why it hit me so hard but I literally could not pull myself together. It took me hours and hours and it was SO embarrassing! My cousin wanted to read the book after me and wanted to know why I was crying, and I couldn’t tell her because I’d RUIN it, so I just had to carry on quietly sobbing into the sandwich I was making lol. I still don’t really know why it upset me so much. I think it was more that Snape did it. I loved Snape and that split second just broke my heart for all of the characters in that moment… Dumbledore, Harry, Snape, even Malfoy…


    The first time I ever cried at a book/film was when I read Sirius fall through that veil. I loved
    Sirius. He was so boyish and fun and gave Harry the respect he deserved and had earned. Yes, he wanted him to be James, and he didn’t always do the best thing but he meant well and tried to be open and honest at all times which I really appreciated… And he threw himself into the fray for the people he loved. Yes, it was an out for him… But even if you were desperate to get out, there’s no way a life-threatening battle would give you the joy he felt if you didn’t believe in what the fight was for. He was strong and sweet and then he was gone. Killed me.

    Fred’s death was so casual. When there were people twirling and whirling and all those different skillful fights going on and then there he was, mid-conversation and finally getting to appreciate his brother and you saw the effect of families bonding in the face of adversity kicking in… And then he was ripped away.

    I’d say those two hit me the most.

    Joy Clayton

    Dumbledore, was in denial for days, but Dobby’s hurt my soul.

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