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    Hi! Some friends of mine are having a ‘Harrathon’- all 8 films over one weekend and I’m setting a quiz to be taken at the end of the first day. The standard is high so I’m looking for some challenging questions. Can anyone suggest some? What I have so far is below, have a go at answering and let me know if you think they’re too hard / too easy? Thanks!

    What is Madame Maxine’s first name?
    What is Lupin’s middle initial?
    In the films, what dessert are the ‘Slug Club’ eating when Ginny arrives?
    What profession are Hermione’s parents in?
    Who was cast as Peeves but never seen on screen in the films?
    What was the fixture that Harry and co went to see at the Quidditch World Cup?
    Name the 4 breeds of dragon used in the Triwizard Tournament in The Goblet Of Fire?
    What does Beauxbatons mean in English?
    Which street, that also gives its name to a Half-Blood Prince chapter, does Severus Snape live in?
    Kennilworthy Whisp is the author of which book?
    Dumbledore’s full name?
    Who does Harry take to the Yule Ball?
    Harry has special lessons in which discipline with Professor Snape (and is encouraged to tell people it’s remedial potions)?
    Diagon Alley is found off which real-life London road?
    Excluding Jarvis Cocker, name any one other musician who played one of the ‘Weird Sisters’
    What is the significance of the words ‘Caput Draconis’?
    Who is the odd one out- Lenny Henry, Dawn French, Paul Whitehouse, Ian Brown, Ed Tudor Pole?
    Which Weasley brother has the middle name ‘Bilius’?

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