Hi! 🙂 I want to share one of my poems: To The Sebra-Girl

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    I originally wrote this in norwegian, so this is a translated version… thats why it doesnt rhyme. I still hope someone likes it, and please give me feedback!
    (excuse my bad english) 🙂

    To the Sebra girl:

    Fuck… you are just a little girl … The world has treated you like shit and you continue with it!
    The scars on your skin reflect for me the scars in your heart!
    In your eyes I can see your innocence … The innocent, sweet, kind girl who never wanted to hurt anyone!
    I can see the tears and the pain that cuts through your heart … As you try so hard to hold back!
    The pain trying to drown your beauty! While the whole world is silent and deaf and look at …
    You scream for life! But no one comes …
    Their hearts will never hear your dark tones, because their eyes never saw the darkness as close as you!
    But I!? What am I doing!?
    I hear you scream, but still I go by ..
    Yet I am a poor person, who still lets fear defeat my love.
    But one day … One day my heart will win, and my love will conquer!
    One day my dark cave will be lit up by the sun itself!
    That day I’ll scream out your deepest prayers! So clean, and so powerful that even the deaf one hears!
    So that one day you will know that your screams have never been in vain! And that the sun, that day, also will shine in your cave!

    – From your brother in the dark


    Very good I like it, well written but a bit dark for me but nether the less well written !

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