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    lets share memories we still have about our first pet , what was her/his name, how you met her/him and so on ..


    i myself , my first pet was named Bachbouch, his mother was a strayed queen that slightly get used to our home , he was born in the same month i was born in , he was a cat that want always to take control on everything, was super curious, he sometimes has a spoiled behavior but honestly this behavior made me loving him more :D:D


    I started taking care of newly hatched chicks and rescued baby birds in Haiti when I was five. It took me a long time to realize that raising a wild bird to release was useless when it imprinted it on me.

    I inherited a flea bitten grey mustang stallion, Lightning, from my older brother when I was ten, when my brother stayed in the U.S. to attend school.

    Lightning and I were inseparable until I went to college in the U.S.myself. But in the meantime I bought a Akhal Teke mare I named La Bruja who could win any race in the valley, and one night La Bruja untied her tether rope and paid a visit to Lightning, apparently.

    I was staring at the rope lying in the grass wondering what had happened when the mare came strolling up to me looking like she was smiling. I was never the wiser until one morning when I arrived to take her to water, she had a snow-white foal at her side.

    I named him Suki and he rapidly took on a buckskin color and used to follow me everywhere, even into the house when I forgot to shut the door properly. My mom warned me to keep the horses out of the house, but one day I came in to find my dad with three visitors in the living room and Suki standing next to his butterfly chair chewing on his elbow with his baby gums.

    I was sure I was in trouble but my dad looked bemused and visitors looked charmed. Nothing was said about it later.

    After I came back from college to visit, I found that Suki had grown into a beautiful gaited buckskin stallion, so I quickly taught him to accept a rider and we rode everywhere together, no bridle or saddle, just like I do with all my horses. Suki even saved my life from a speeding camion on the main road by leaping sideways into the 15 ft ditch alongside the road when I touched his neck to signal him.


    Do animals who were not exactly mine count too? The first not really my pet was a dog Azor who joined me and my mom on the walk when I was a toddler. He joined us every time we went along his house since that time.
    My first pets who were really mine were two gray and white rats Andy and Killer. They were from a pet shop, they were not very tame but I loved them very much.

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