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    Howdy Everyone,

    Hopefully, I can stimulate some conversation on here with a post or two. I am in the Pet Lover group because I have and have had some amazing animals in my life, and each pet owner gets to see certain things their animals do over time that seems to be part of that pet’s character.

    Do you have a pet who acts goofy or does something awesome? Why not post some things about you fuzzy friend or fur baby?

    I shall start: My dog, Sierra, freaks out a certain way when I get home from work. I’m sure all you dog owners come home and are greeted with your pet with a wagging tail or something, but my dog seems bashful or something when I get home. At first, she’ll run around and be happy I’m home, but then she’ll put her head on the ground and put her paws over her fuzzy face and let out a high whine.It’s like she’s hiding her face because she doesn’t want me to see she’s excited. I pet her for a minute or two and she just lays there with her paws on her face.

    There are many other aspects of my puppy, but I will reveal more as others post more content.


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