Hi! Training my own service animal 🙂 Huskey! Tips?

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    Elizabeth Sharp

    I have a Siberean Huskey. Its my first time raising a puppy. Esp one to be my personal service animal. I have epilepsy, so I am raising my dog “blue” to be here for me in case of seizures and other terrible things that happen to me on a regular basis.

    Siberian Huskies can be a handful. Does anyone have any tips in general about raising a puppy, I am clueless! Even on the basics, like chewing furiniture, potty training, whine’ing, and then Step two is going towards learning to help me in sticky situations, lots of obedience training. Its hard to be strict and stern when they are your baby! lol

    I can use all your support!!

    new in town

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I had for a long time a chasing dog, but I’m not ready yet to adopt a new one. I’m helping a friend training her dog who is 2 years old and didn’t had puppy training. I suggest puppy training. IT is fun to do and you can learn lots of things. If you can’t do that I suggest you have to repeat every command a lot and give hin a treat. A treat can aslo be hand on his head or a cuddle. But when training him to do things for you, trats help. Basically you have to be patient, talk with a calm voice and repeat a lot. Good luck

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