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    Let’s all introduce ourselves so we can meet new people. At least for me I want to get my money’s worth of anything and that includes this.

    So hello I am Adam, I am a male and panromantic. I love to do artsy things including but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpting and spray painting. I also love the out doors everything from camping to white water rafting. But as much as I love to do things out doors I love when I do stuff indoors reading, cooking and ju1st being with family.

    Hopefully more people will reply. 😀


    My name is Steve, I am 34, and a panromantic asexual, and am looking for a monogamous sex-free relationship.

    I am an atheist and secular humanist.

    I am unemployed and receive ESA due to my mental health, though it is under control and medicated. I hope this doesn’t put people off, as I am a genuinely decent guy, and have a kind heart. I just want to be honest.

    I spend a lot of my time working on my own science fiction universe. I only really share bits about it with two people, as it is very personal to me, and I have been doing it since I was 8 years old. It is very complex, and uses a lot of spreadsheets, but I won’t get into it here, I don’t want to bore anyone, LOL.

    My greatest asset is my heart. It has been battered and bruised, but it’s still going strong 🙂 I am loyal, trustworthy, and easy to get along with.

    I enjoy cooking, eating out, watching films, cuddles, country walks, deep conversations, reading, numbers.

    I am not much one for kissing. I don’t mind the odd peck on the lips, etc, but not into passionate kissing.

    I am afraid of dogs, and insects, and deep water (as I can’t swim, and almost drowned twice at school).

    I would prefer someone who is around my age or younger, 21 – 35.

    I can be quite quiet when I first meet someone, and around groups, but that doesn’t usually last long.

    Sorry this is long, LOL. If anybody fancies a chat, or has questions or suggestions about my intro, feel free to add me or message me.


    I am Fabricia. I’m a 19 year old panromantic ace. I wouldn’t mind a relationship but that could get complicated with me leaving for the military in a few months. I’m just excited to meet new people and make some other ace friends


    Hello, Adam, Steve and Fabricia, (and future panromantics that join the conversation!)

    I’m Gaby, 26, panrom ace of Latin-American descent living in Canada.

    I work on a freelance basis as an artist and designer in the GTA.

    I speak read and write English and Spanish fluently and am learning French and German, along with a couple of others (though I have halted my learning of other languages for the moment as I have needed to make time for other things).

    I have two cats and one dog (two domestic long haired, and a doberman pinscher).

    On my spare time, when I am not painting/drawing/sculpting or learning a new thing, I like to dance and go out on pub crawls or to karaoke with my small group of friends.

    I am generally shy towards new people, but can also be quite a chatterbox (mostly due to nerves). My personality has been described to me as snarky, but also very apologetic…?

    I like to use parentheses (as you can see).

    I strongly dislike hotdogs and walking around outside alone at night.

    I would like to make new friends within the a-spec. I’m not sure I’m really looking for a romantic relationship, at least not one right away. I prefer to be friends first, and see if anything comes of it.



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