I didn't create this group, but I did join it…………

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    …..despite the fact that I’m in utter denial of my age.
    What say you?

    Somebody had to get this party started! Might as well be me.

    Tag. You’re it. Your turn!


    I might be the oldest person in this group!

    What is everyone into?

    My favorite stuff to do here in Songkhla, Thailand..riding the waves (the beach is a few minutes away by motorbike), extreme bird/wildlife photography, hiking, reading Kindle books, watching Netflix movies, visiting cool historical sites, attending festivals, building new invention devices, art, writing.

    In the USA I did most of the same, plus loved ballroom and jitterbug dancing, jamming with other musicians, skiing, ice skating, designing my own clothes.
    I’m also into astronomy, quantum physics, the sciences, etc.


    I totally forgot that most of my life, I’ve been into horses..training, driving, jumping, breeding, trail riding..but not in the “American” way.

    I don’t believe in stalls, feeding processed food, metal horseshoes, halters, bits and bridles, or even using saddles. I prefer riding bareback without using a bridle as Native American Indians did, even driving horses on carts with loose lines, using my thoughts to signal them.

    My favorite horses since I was ten, have been mustang derivatives, but I’ve also owned an Arabian, a Standardbred, many racking horses, Walking Horses, an American White, etc. but I prefer a mustang cross because they are the most comfortable to ride bareback, highly intelligent, calm, look out for me and my kids, have extreme stamina and coordination.

    But when I came up with a new invention that lets me cruise along at jogging speed, up hill and down, with little effort, I lost interest in owning horses. I can store my “gallopers” anywhere, even in a backpack, yet have instant transportation.
    I do miss horse love and personalities though. Several of my horses risked themselves to save me from danger, even my children.


    Wait, your horses also saved you FROM your children?
    Ah. They saved your children from danger too.
    Heh heh! 😉

    Here’s my favorite tune about horses from yesteryear………..


    Live version above left out the important middle section, so here’s the studio version………….

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    Ha, ha..you’re right, and I saw that mistake, but I had already edited my post several times so didn’t bother to correct it!
    Even though Levy and McGuinn only wrote “Chestnut Mare” as a theater metaphor for mankind wanting to dominate nature, in real life, that is NO way to tame a wild horse!

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