Anyone had a successful long-term relationship?

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    And if so, how did you DO it??
    I qualify for many gender categories, including partial transmale, gender fluid, bigender, androgyne, gray asexual, demisexual, but one thing my mix of gender traits has done is sabotage any relationships.
    I visit many types of gender variation forums and keep looking for someone who has managed to maintain a long-term romance, but not found one yet. Most seem to do what I do..hang out casually/platonically with both genders.

    I have my fingers crossed for Lady Gaga and her man, but mostly she posts tweets about her cute French Bulldog.


    I have been married for 30 years. At first it was just because I wanted children. I have 2 grown sons now. After that I quickly lost interest in my husband’s needs even though I “took care” of him for many years. Eventually I told him no more; that he could have a sexual relationship with someone else but I did not want to know about it or to have our sons know. I didn’t know I was asexual at the time. I just thought I was weird. Our relationship has seen many ups and downs. The downs more on my part. I still fantisize about having my own home with just my dogs and my books. Maybe someday if I get brave enough.

    Lori C

    I’m really late to post this reply, but I had two long-ish relationships. One was 8 1/2 years (can’t believe that EVER happened) and the other was four years.

    If both partners hadn’t aggressively pursued me, I never would have experienced any sexual relationship. So glad that is over!!


    I was married for 15 years and after that had relationships that lasted 2-3 years. It’s been a learning experience and I appreciate the people I connected with.

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