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    Hello friends! I noticed that there weren’t any forums created, so I thought it’d be nice to break the ice and get to know some of the other nonbinary aces!

    My name is Olivia, or Oliver I go by both, and albeit I am disappointed this site doesn’t offer gender selection besides male or female, I have high hopes!


    Hi Olivia~ I’m also disappointed that the binary gender markers are the only options :/

    I’m AJ. I’ve also gone by other names, and I’m not sure if I will stick with AJ or not (I want to legally change my first name, but AJ is an abbr., so…idk). I don’t care what pronouns you use (he/she/they), so just pick ๐Ÿ˜› If there was a gender neutral pronoun that wasn’t awkward sounding to me, then I would use it, but for now, any of the three are fine with me.

    Nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hey everyone! I’m Sam, and I identify as gender-fluid, but I feel agender most of the time. Any pronouns used are fine! It’s nice to meet you. ๐Ÿ™‚



    I can identify with most gender labels since I’m gender-fluid, agender, partially transmale, androgyne, etc. Apparently I qualify for panromantic, demisexual and gray asexual also. I’m probably bisexual, but hard to tell since I only feel sexual attraction for one long-term mate at a time.
    I answer to all/any pronoun.

    I am currently teaching in Thailand where Buddhism accepts a Third Gender. Thai use the male pronoun (“cop”) for me even though I dress in female clothes at work (or androgynous since that’s how Thai dress as well) and use the self-identifying female pronoun for myself as I speak (“kah”).

    I frequent several androgyne and trans forums also and seem the most like androgynes, but the ones I’ve talked to have given up on finding a partner because of conflicting gender needs. I have been happily single for the past four years but now think having a partner would be nice, and safer as well.




    Hey, guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m Margot, I’m neutrois (it took me a while to figure out that was my gender rather than demi) and my pronouns are they/them.

    (I hope this group becomes somewhat more active! It’d be nice to talk to similar people.)


    Hello, I’m Anna ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m agender, quite comfortable looking more like a woman and I don’t really care about being called a she or he or “hey you”. It’s just not important. I’m pan-romantic as well.
    It took me years to actually give a name to my gender identity, I’ve never felt female or male and I used to find people who really, really accentuated their male/female-ness as really… I don’t know, different to me, alien even. I tried to force myself into “being a female” as a teenager but it always felt so, so fake, like I was a very bad actor. I look at the old photos of me and I can clearly see I was not comfortable trying to be someone I wasn’t.
    I’m glad there are others like me ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs! X


    Oh my stars, is this place kicking at all or is it dead to the core already?
    Eh, might as well give it a shot.
    Heya! Agender here. Never felt strongly about gender at all, being surprised all the time on how much weight people put on their own gender – I’m a guy, I need to be though!, I’m a girl, I need to be smart! – I mean, you can be though and smart in the same time, why should matters like this depend on your gender? Or which bicycle would you ride, or which colours should you like, which clothes should you wear, or how you should take care of your body. IDK, I’ve always felt a bit neutral in all these matters, just liked what I liked and not hiding with it, and kicking asses of everyone who’d tell me I shouldn’t do certain things just because I happen to have boobs. I stood on the side of every discussion, thinking that everyone’s weird and dumb to overthink this. It got to the point where I actually started to think of myself as different spiece and started using phrases like “you humans are weird bunch”.
    And then I found comic called “Chaos Life” that has an agender character in it (based on one of the authors experience) and for the first time I felt an actual connection to a character XD “Whoa, I’m not an alien in disguise, I’m just agender! Cool!”
    I still separate myself from rest of the humanity though. I still use “you humans” when describing other people. It’s fun and disturbs everyone XD

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